Armor is a simple statistic value that determines whether or not a weapon can do damage to a particular vehicle or structure. Armor is absolute and there are no hit reduction percentages, if a weapon can defeat a certain armor then it does full damage on hit. If it does not, then no damage is done and the vehicle is immune to the weapon. This is important because along with higher health values, the heavier vehicles are immune to many lower end weapons and must be hit with sparser higher tier weapons making them very effective for leading pushes and assaults. Infantry will always have an armor level of zero.

Armor is not to be confused with hit-points.

Known Starhawk Armor ValuesEdit

Weapon Armor Defeated
Knife None
Kinetic Rifle Light
Shotgun Light
Grenade Heavy
Mines Heavy
Rocket Launcher Heavy

Warhawk ExamplesEdit

This chart simply displays the armor levels of vehicles, turrets, and unique weapons in Warhawk. Remember that there are no build n' battle structures in Warhawk. The hangars and bunkers in Warhawk are considered terrain, and are indestructible.

Vehicles Armor Value
Jet Pack 0
Jeep 1
Warhawk 1
Dropship 1
Tank 2
Flak/Missile Turrets 2
Bubble Shield 3

This chart displays the armor level that weapons defeat. Note that all vehicle weapons not specified defeat level 2 armor.

Weapon Armor Defeated
Knife 0
Pistol 0
Bio Field 0
Automatic Rifle 1
Sniper Rifle 1
Mines 2
Flamethrower 2
Grenade 2
Wrench 2
Binoculars 2
Charged Arc Cannon 3

The only exception to this rule is the APC Ram which defeats other APC's level 3 armor but cannot damage a Tank's after the patch.