Ox Tank Weapon
Weapon Informaion
Magazine Size | (Ammo Capacity)
2 | (Infinite)
Damage (High) (?)
Reload Time 5.0 seconds
Range Effective at medium
to far range
Special Properties
-Fired in volleys of 2
-Fired in arc

The Artillery is a vehicular weapon exclusive to the Ox Heavy Tank used to primarily attack structures.


Artillery takes the appearance of a large spherical shell. It leaves a fiery trail in its wake.


The Artillery is fired as a successive salvo of two shells, which can travel in a far-reaching arc that bypasses mountains and other environmental obstacles. Artillery deals out a generous AoE effect upon impact, making it very effective against groups of structures.

The Artillery reticule is unique because it is a dotted arch with an impact circle, and every player can see it. This allows players to dodge enemy Artillery, and ally players to coordinate and aim Artillery strikes.


  1. Don't place structures very close together. This creates an easy target for Artillery.
  2. Sometimes, aiming the Artillery reticule far away will also obscure the impact circle from view. A well-communicating team may have "eyes in the sky" to assist in aiming Artillery strikes.