Multiplayer Map
Map Information
An overhead view of Basin.
Environment Dust
Layout Large
Recommended Players 24 - 32
Supported Loadouts
Classic Beta Ground Pounder
Air Superiority Lone Wolf
Heavyweight Dogfight
Starhawk New Map Dust

Starhawk New Map Dust

Dust Large work in progress

First pictures of the new map.

Basin (called "Dust" in the Beta) is a multiplayer map that is located on the planet Dust.


Basin's geography is dusty and desert-like with tall rock formations and little elevation change. There is a large crater in the center of the map, and two craters and two mesas surrounding it. The map is littered with small patches of grass and small, thick trunked trees. In Zones, there are five capturable Zones.


The dusty plains of Basin are best traversed with a Sidewinder Jetbike. In Zones, players will scramble for the central crater. Teams can also flank each other by setting up mini-bases on the edges of the crater, making for intense infantry skirmishes.

Weapon LocationsEdit

These are the weapons you will find on this map.

  • R-Sec Proximity Charges - Located on each of the two mesas.
  • Galloway Revolver - Located by the crane to the side of the central crater, and by the cluster of buildings directly opposite the crane. Also on right of main base.
  • Grinder - located near the R-Sec Proximity Charges, also at the northeast and southwest zones.
  • Welding Torch - located near Rift barrels on the road that head out from the right side of your base, also near Rift barrels surrounding the central crater.

Strategy/Tricks Edit

  • Air Superiorty is everything on this large, open map. Getting Hawks first is a huge advantage, and can be secured by spawning at the Rift Barrels in front of your home base and using the LR-3 Railgun to shoot one of the 3 immediately visible barrel clusters.
  • With Classic Arcade Flight while utilizing the Engine Mods skill, it is possible to go under the map. To do so, you need to head towards the middle of the border near the Stealth pickup. Staying as low to the ground as possible, as soon as you hit the borderline (represented by a line of black and yellow stripes on your mini-map), you need to press and hold boost (NOT afterburner) while powersliding and dive straight down until you go under. (So to sum up, when you hit the border, Press and hold R2 and L2, hold the left stick down and the right stick up, all until you go under) Doing this will surpass the game's function of forcing your Hawk to perform a U-turn.

Loadout SupportEdit

Basin supports all Loadouts. but Arena is restricted to Deathmatch mode.


  • This map was the first map to support the full 32 players. It is also the first map to be located on the planet Dust itself.

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