Beam Turret
Build & Battle Structure
A Beam Turret firing.
Structure Information
Rift Cost 6 Cells
Health 9 ♥
Function Automatically attacks vehicles.

Beam Turrets are powerful sentry structures that fire a focused energy beam at both air and ground vehicles. Beam Turrets will aim and fire automatically, though unlike an Auto Turret, Beam Turrets can also be operated manually by the player.


Beam Turrets have a large base with a hatch at the back. The control panel is located next to the hatch. The top portion swivels around to aim. The large orange laser beam comes from the large cylindrical barrel attached to the swivel "head."


Main Article: Flak Turret

Beam Turrets can be upgraded into Flak Turrets that fire explosive shells at airborne Hawks.

Availability in Multiplayer LoadoutsEdit

The Beam Turret is available in every loadout except for Lone Wolf.


  1. The Beam Turret is great for taking out airborne Hawks, especially if you are not skilled in Hawk-to-Hawk combat. Boarding them makes them more accurate as well.
  2. Spread out Beam Turrets to effectively create large "no-fly" zones for enemy players.
  3. Too many enemy Beam Turrets? Grab some weapons and head out on foot to take them out. Beam Turrets only fire at vehicles, not at troops.
  4. A Beam Turret that has been manned by a player, however, can fire at anything, even ground troops.

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