• DevonGroff3


    June 18, 2012 by DevonGroff3

    I started a clan a while back and now I am trying to make it better I'm looking for players at least above level 10 and my clan is Rouge Squadron yes I know theres a typo and the tag is *1oA* whick is 1 option available if your intrested friend me my psn is DevonGroff3 hope I see you there.

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  • Macrochips

    HP Theorem

    June 6, 2012 by Macrochips

    So I've been thinking of ways to measure Health, particularly in vehicles and structures. If you look at my current work, you'll notice that each vehicle or structure has a series of hearts. Each heart represents:

    • One grenade (in vehicles)
    • one troop rocket (in structures)

    To do this, I used a password-protected server with friendly fire at 100%. While this is effective to an extent, I need a different method for measuring the exact # of Hit-Points, especially when calculating weapons damage.

    My new method revolves around the Welding Torch.

    • for weapon damage: Fire weapon, repair, count ammo wasted. Rinse and repeat.
    • for structure health: Build structure, switch team. Destroy and count ammo wasted.
    • vehicle health: have friend in vehicle. switch te…
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  • Justicepsych

    Nerdy Grinders Needed! Hello Everyone!

    If you're reading this then you're probably as psyched about this wiki as I am. The collaboration over the past week has been great, and I think that the Wiki is looking awesome. However we can still do better!

    One of the points on which we are still lacking is Specs. Weapon fire rates, hit point approximations, clip sizes, damage and shield ratios, all those good metrics that allow for the advanced tactics and planning.

    All you high levelers out there with loads of experience, you know how many kinetic rifle rounds it takes to bring down a Beam Turret.. share your wisdom.

    All you trophy hunters. Help us out and keep notes while you rack up the medals!

    If we coordinate well, we can fill this blog with …

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  • JAlbor

    Starhawk arrives tomorrow, but the reviews are already in! What do the critics say of this highly anticipated game? And more importantly, when you finally get a chance to play it yourself, will you agree? Check out our review round-up below for some thoughts on the game and when you finally get a chance to play it yourself, let us know your own opinion in the comments below!


    The greatest asset in Starhawk's arsenal is that it's capable of doing what no other shooter can. Starhawk creates a kind of chaos, unpredictability, and extraordinary spectacle that can't exist in any other shooter. This speaks to something more important. Starhawk dares to do what many others aren't: It subverts convention with original ideas. Starhawk is an action…

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  • Epictacopower

    i was wondering when the release date of Starhawk is. Would be real cool if anyone could help me out

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  • HeroGaming

    Admin rights

    December 21, 2011 by HeroGaming

    a few things i want to let you know before you apply to be an admin.

    These are a list of things that you should know about this wiki and its direction for the future.

    before you read this list i am aware it sound tyranical, i have been on alot of wikis where power and who is incharge has went to peoples heads and i want you to understand i will have none of that on this wiki. my heart is in the right place but i take no prisoners when it comes to what i think is best for growing the wiki. when an arguement arises between members of the wiki i have been known to demote both parties in the arguement just to no longer have it on the wiki and promote other admins instead of dealing with people who struggle for who has power or who really helps t…

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  • Error Mackro

    Starhawk Beta Q&A

    November 23, 2011 by Error Mackro

    For those who do not have the beta and are looking for answers to specific questions, you may ask them here. I will try to answer them when I can. Anyone else who is in the beta feel free to answer as well.

    Don't forget to read the private beta information post first.

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  • Error Mackro
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  • Error Mackro

    Now, before I write this article I just want to get out of the way and say that this is basically "theory hawking". 9/10 times when you judge the meta-game before a game's wrong, or off. I'll do it anyway because I'm bored.

    So now that Starhawk is switching from base spawned vehicles to an economy based spawn, there is going to be a big impact on how vehicles function in the game. Here are my theories on how the Build n' Battle will effect vehicles and how they fuction as compared to Warhawk.

    Let's go back to Warhawk, to the official serves. We're playing on Archipelago, CTF, on Acropolis Assault(right?). Also, we're using the broken mirror expansion pack, so this means APC's. Now, a lot of people don't like this map because th…

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  • Error Mackro

    Whether a user, or an unregistered viewer who checks here for information, I'd like to inform people on the current Private beta status.

    1. The private beta so far is known to be given out to Warhawk players only. If you did not own Warhawk, you may be out of luck unfortunately. However you can still buy Uncharted 3 and get into the public beta later on in 2012.
    2. The codes will start being sent out Tuesday, November 22nd which is when the beta starts.
    3. The beta codes will be sent to your PSN account's email, so be sure to check there periodically this month, you'll never know when you will receive it if at all.
    4. You must go to your PS3, go to Account Managment> Account Information> Notification Preferences. You must check the top box that says you w…

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  • Teamzombiez


    November 2, 2011 by Teamzombiez

    Who has the beta?

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  • Error Mackro

    Theme and looks

    September 24, 2011 by Error Mackro

    Old blog post that I recycled. Anyone who has any cosmetic suggestions that they would like to tell me directly can post theme here.

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  • HeroGaming

    I belive the build and battle system that is fast raw and destructive will completly change the gaming world forever

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  • HeroGaming

    Need Your Help! anyone wanna help edit this thing!

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  • HeroGaming

    My first Blog

    June 1, 2011 by HeroGaming

    Guys lets do this!

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