Capture the Flag (stylized as CTF) is a multiplayer game mode in Starhawk.


The object in Capture the Flag is to pick up the enemy flag at their home base and return it to your flag to capture it, all the while making sure the enemy doesn't capture your own flag in the process. Teams can kill flag carriers and "rescue" the flag by standing near it.

Patch 1.03Edit

With the arrival of Patch 1.03, your flag no longer has to be at your base to score. The intentions behind this change are to quicken the pace of gameplay and reduce stalemates.

Victory ConditionsEdit

Play continues until a win condition is reached.

  • The time limit expires (The team with the higher score wins).
  • The score limit is reached by a team.

Sudden Death and Flag In PlayEdit

Sudden Death and Flag in Play are extensions to the time limit. In Sudden Death, teams are given two minutes to capture the flag. This activates in the event of a tie. Flag In Play occurs if the losing team has the enemy flag and it is one point below the other team. Flag In Play grants one minute for the team to capture the flag. If they succeed, Sudden Death begins.

Related TrophiesEdit

CTFStarter CTF Starter Bronze Bronze
Win your first Capture the Flag game.

CTFVeteran CTF Veteran Silver Silver
Win 100 Capture the Flag games.


  • Capture the Flag needs a mixture of both good offense and solid defense.
  • Place R-Sec Proximity Charges by the flag to prevent enemies from getting it.
  • Try buiding a vehicle spawn in the enemy base before grabbing the flag. You can also use the Hacker Skill to hack enemy spawns.


  • CTF was the first multi-player mode revealed, and most multiplayer gameplay videos have been shown in this mode.

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