Customization is a feature in Starhawk's multiplayer offering that allows player to customize their Rift Soldier or Outcast Warrior to make them look unique in-game. Player can also alter the paint schemes of vehicles or create custom emblems that appear on their vehicles and Infantry. Customizations are unlocked as players Level Up.

Rifter CutomizationsEdit

Rift Soldier
Vaughn Troy Shane Leland Emory
Shield Trey Dalton Gene Jack
Rusty Plated Plated White Plated Black Saftey Cage
Red Thermal White Thermal Blue Thermal Tanktop Safety Cage
Vest Plaid Mechanic Cowboy Plated
Plated White Plated Black Plated Heavy Leather Coveralls
Power Glove Advanced Power Glove Leather Sealed Gloves Plated
Plated White Plated Black

Saftey Cage

Blue Jean Work Pants Canvas Reinforced Pants Leather
Coveralls Plated Plated White Plated Black Safety Cage
Boots Steel Toes Leather Gaiter Plated
Plated White Plated Black Heavy Plated
Rifter Paint Schemes
Union Transport A Claim Rider A Rift Cruiser A Rig Patrol A Site Responder A
Union Transport B Claim Rider B Rift Cruiser B Rig Patrol B Site Responder B
Union Transport C Claim Rider C Rift Cruiser C Rig Patrol C Site Responder C

Outcast CustomizationsEdit

Outcast Warrior
Genesis Tribe Mark of The Source Shade
Alpha Frontal Alpha Zygomatic Beta Chromage Beta Frontal Gamma Glabella
Gamma Wrapped Gamma Eyepatch Gamma Occipital Beta Mohican Delta
Alpha Stage Alpha Plated Beta Sternum Beta Clavicle Gamma Scapula
Gamma Vertebrae Delta
Alpha Stage Beta Radius Gamma Full Gamma Partial Delta
Alpha Straps

Alpha Iliac

Beta Patella Gamma Patella Delta
Boots Scrap Shins Steel Toes Alpha Straps Delta
Outcast Paint Schemes
Scout Warpaint A Phantom Warpaint A Raider Warpaint A Hunter Warpaint A Smoke Warpaint A
Scout Warpaint B Phantom Warpaint B Raider Warpaint B Hunter Warpaint B Smoke Warpaint B
Scout Warpaint C Phantom Warpaint C Raider Warpaint C Hunter Warpaint C Smoke Warpaint C
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