The skies of Echo.

Echo is one of the moons of Dust. It is featured in the single-player Campaign and in Multiplayer.


Echo consists of rolling, grassy plains punctuated with mountains, canyons, and towering spires of rock. Outcast totems and arches dot the the landscape.


Echo used to be be a thriving settlement, but it fell to the Outcast years before Emmett's return to White Sands.

In the StoryEdit

Emmett Graves visits an abandoned Orbital Lift Complex on Ballard's Crossing in an attempt to fill the Albatross with enough Rift Energy cargo. When the job is complete, however, the Outcast totems planted in the ground were revealed to be dropships, made under the leadership of Logan Graves.

In MultiplayerEdit

Three maps and one Homeworld take place on Echo.