Emmett Graves

Emmett Graves is the main protagonist of Starhawk, and is a hired gunslinger and mercenary helping to protect Rifter claims from Outcasts. He was formerly the owner of a salvaging operation for Rift Energy that was attacked by Outcasts. That attack caused an explosion that exposed him and his brother Logan to Rift Energy. His brother was turned, but Emmett was able to retain his humanity thanks to Sidney Cutter who developed a unique regulator that prevents the transformation, but causes him deep pain. The Outcast's mark is still left on him however, which leaves him ostarcized from society due to the fear that he can turn at any time. He feels torn by the fact that the leader of an outcasts warband that he is hunting down is his mutated brother Logan.

Emmett also appears as a DLC character in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale and his rival are Kat and Dusty from Gravity Rush. Emmett Graves is voiced by Khary Payton in English and Taiten Kusunoki in Japanese.

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