Galloway Revolver
Troop Weapon
The Galloway Revolver icon.
Pickup Informaion
Location Found on Map
Color Dark Grey
Pickup + 36 Ammo
Ammo Box + 6 Ammo
Weapon Informaion
Rounds Per Clip | (Max Ammo)
6 | (36)
Reload Time 1.2 seconds
Range Effective at short
to medium distances

The Galloway Revolver is a troop weapon in Starhawk. Emmett Graves starts off with it in the single-player Campaign as his main weapon, and it is found at certain locations in each of the multiplayer maps.


The weapon appears to be a high caliber revolver, probably a .44 or higher. The method of reloading is odd at best, as it appears to be a break open revolver, but its revolving cylinder can be completely removed and replaced on the fly, making for a quick reload.


The Galloway is a six-shot revolver that has medium to low damage in Multiplayer, and medium to high damage in the Campaign. In the Campaign, it can be used as a main weapon, capable of killing Outcast enemies in one shot to the head.

In Multiplayer, however, its damage output is lower, and it will need two shots to the head to kill. It is generally not recommended as a weapon to use, with the only possible exception as an emergancy sidearm unless your headshot accuracy is true. Anything but a headshot will take multiple clips to score a kill.

Skill AugmentationEdit

  • With the Weapon Mods skill, the Galloway Revolver has a clip size of 9.
  • With the Scavenger skill, the Galloway Revolver has a maximum capacity of 54.

Weapon MasteryEdit

Earning kills with the Galloway Revolver increases your mastery of it.

Galloway Revolver
Weapon Mastery
Bronze Silver Gold
250 Kills 1000 Kills 3000 Kills


  1. The Galloway Revolver works best at medium distances. For anything farther, use the Kinetic Rifle.
  2. This weapon is powerful when headshots are landed, taking only 2 to kill, which may be a little known fact. If you have difficulties landing headshots, the Kinetic Rifle would be a more sound alternative in any situation.
  3. Similarly to the Kinetic, the snap-lock technique makes landing shots easier, even more so because Galloway Revolver Bullets travel slower.
  4. Considering its headshot damage, at mid range it can be used as an alternative option to the LR-3 Railgun, due to the fact that the railgun has an alerting laser when entering OTS, wheras the Revolver does not.
  5. Be patient with the Gallaway Revolver. When firing it rapidly, its accuracy quickly becomes unpredictable. Wait between shots and it will remain accurate and effective.


  • The Galloway Revolver "replaces" the Bradford and Cook UCP 10mm Service Pistol from Warhawk.

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