Game List DisplayEdit

The Game List shows :

o Lock: A "locked" icon for password-locked games

o Clan Icon: A "gold shield" icon will appear on clan games

o Server name

  • Some may say "newbies only", or "vet server", or variations of that. This may tell you if it's a server you want to be in.
  • Mics Only: Some servers say "mics only"...they want players who will talk, communicate, and use teamwork.
  • Training: Other servers advertise themselves as offering "training" help.

o Game Mode (CTF, Zones, TDM, DM

o Environment (Dust, Scourge, Echo, Space, Sever; see Maps)

o Layout (Small or Large; see Maps)

o Players: # in game/max # allowed

o Threat level icon

  • Red skull, if the players are mostly more skilled than you
  • Yellow fist, if they're about your equal
  • Cake, if they're less skilled than you. Playing against less-skilled players can lower your ranking on the Leaderboards

o Ping/responsiveness indicator: Green bars for good ping, yellow for medium, orange for bad

Game List OptionsEdit

If you push <right> on the directional-pad, a pop-up menu will show you options for the Game List. You can Refresh the display, filter to find the kind of game you want, or sort based on one of the columns.

Game DetailsEdit

When you drill into a Game, you get to see details on that game. For instance, you may want to only play games with Balanced Teams, or with certain Loadouts. To learn what some of these details are, see Server Creation Options