Troop Weapon
The Grinder icon.
Pickup Informaion
Location Found on Map
Color Dark Blue

(Sometimes described purple)

Pickup + 200 Ammo
Ammo Box + 100 Ammo
Weapon Informaion
Rounds Per Clip | (Max Ammo)
200 | (200)
Reload Time N/A
Range Effective at point-blank to
short distances.
Starhawk Grinder

Starhawk Grinder

The Grinder is a highly effective close range anti-armor weapon. Its flint and grinder system works like a flamethrower, searing through thick vehicle armor and wreaking havok on enemy structures.


The Grinder is a two-handed gun with three rotating grinders at the front. The grinders spin in opposite directions when the gun is fired, creating a highly incendiary shower of sparks and fire.


The Grinder's main role is anti-vehicle and structure, and its high-powered streams of sparks can accomplish just that. The stream has a charge up of one second, but the damage dealt is impressive. The stream itself stretches a few feet out from the gun before dissipating.

Weapon MasteryEdit

Earning kills with the Grinder increases your mastery of it.

Weapons Mastery
Bronze Silver Gold
75 Kills 500 Kills 1000 Kills


  1. The Grinder is somewhat effective at extinguishing troops, but only at closer ranges. The Union Shotgun may work better in these scenarios, but the grinder is a constant stream of damage with a slightly longer range in comparison.
  2. The real power of the Grinder is its ability to take out structures and vehicles. Infiltrate an enemy base with one to see its true destructive potential.
  3. When using against troops, stay close and stay on target and it can kill in an instant.


  • The Grinder "replaces" the Flamethrower (Flamethrower, Man-Portable, Type 2) from Warhawk.
  • Mathematically, the Grinder has the highest potential overall DPS (Damage Per Second) in the game.

Weapons WheelEdit

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