HE Shell
Ox Tank Weapon
Weapon Informaion
Magazine Size | (Ammo Capacity)
2 | (Infinite)
Damage (High) (?)
Reload Time 2.0 seconds
Range Effective at short
to medium range

The HE Shell (short for High Energy Shell) is a Tank weapon used to primarily attack infantry and vehicles.


The HE Shell is a fast moving, almost railgun-like bullet that travels in a straight line. It leaves a white trail in its wake.


The HE Shell retains accuracy at up to medium range, dealing a slight AoE damage effect upon impact.

There are two shells in a clip, and there is a slight pause between shots. After the two shells are fired, there is a longer reload time of two seconds.


  1. The two-shot clip's second chance is helpful if you have a bad aim.
  2. Don't rely on the HE Shell's splash damage to obtain kills. Aiming is necessary to efficiently kill.

Related TrophiesEdit

EagleEye Eagle Eye Bronze Bronze
Shoot down a flying Hawk with the Ox Heavy Tank.

Updates and ModificationsEdit

  • Patch 1.01.001, released May 31, 2012, toned down the strength of the HE Shell.


  • The HE Shell is surprisingly accurate at very far ranges (perhaps due to the assistance of the Player Indicator), which allows for the lucrative practice of "Tank Sniping."