HP or "Hit Points" is a standard game term that is used to describe the amount of damage or "hits" that a player, unit, building, or object can take before it is destroyed. It is generally synonymous with "health". There are many variants of how hit-points work in games, but most commonly the goal is to reduce the number of hit-points of the target to zero using some type of offensive attack.

In Starhawk, the hit-points between infantry, vehicles, and the structures differ. The amount of hit-points that a weapon takes away per hit(damage more simply) also greatly differs between them. Because of these differences, the use and strategies of specific weapons and vehicles vary greatly along with other factors. Knowing how much hit-points a vehicle can take, along with how much weapons can take away is vital for success. In Starhawk, the HUD will display a Health Indicator to better keep track of your hit-points.

Not all ways to reduce hit-points come from opposing players. Neutral ways to lose hit-points(and be killed) in Starhawk include falling from great heights as infantry, or being near an exploding vehicle. Friendly fire can also be a team inflicted way to lose hit-points, which frequently enrages fellow team members.