The best way to report bugs is in the forum (U.S.: The devs are reading there, and replying. If possible, look to see if the bug has already been reported (maybe search for subject line "BUG"?). Read that thread for answers, add to that thread to add your own details, etc.

If you're making a new thread, make the subject line "BUG: blah blah". Use the same reporting format as the beta (the devs re-affirmed that recently)

They are working on a patch.

If you are having connection problems, LBI has posted info for you:

Certain problems are fixed by briefly playing God of War or Uncharted, then going back to Starhawk. Apparently that clears out some kind of hard disk cache.

This is the reporting format to use in your post:


LOCATION: For example: In Hawk, in a bunker, at the settings menu, at the leaderboard menu, at the loading screen, etc. The more specific you are the better.


MODE (CTF/Zones/TDM/DM/All):


  • Crash/Hang
  • Graphical
  • Gameplay
  • Sound/Music
  • Controls
  • Text
  • HUD/interface
  • Uplink
  • Exploit
  • Other (please specify)

FREQUENCY: How often are you seeing this bug? Once an hour? Every match?

Have you tried to reproduce the bug? If so, how reliably can you reproduce it?

Please describe the bug in detail: The more specific you are the better.

If you have an image or video, please link it at the end of your post.