Sniper rifle

Rifter infantry on Orbital.

The Infantry unit in Starhawk is the basic component of a team and is the unit that all players first deploy as.


The following are characteristics of Infantry:

  • They are little - Infantry units are easy to miss on tactical maps and are more nimble than larger vehicles like Ox Heavy Tanks and Hawks.
  • There are lots of them - Infantry are by far the majority of the units on the field. Acting together a swarm of infantry can overwhelm even the most reinforced enemy bases.
  • They can put on Armor - Using any external enhancement such as a Vulture Pack or riding a Vehicle counts as Armor.
  • They can enter things and use them - Infantry units can enter all vehicles and certain enterable structures.


In a multiplayer match, every player starts off as an infantry unit. They spawn onto the battlefield by means of Drop Pods.


Infantry units can pick up a variety of troop weapons, including M.A.W. Rocket Launchers, Union Shotguns, and LR-3 Railguns.


While the infantry unit can be a formidable enemy on its own, troops can also build structures with Build & Battle, enter vehicles such as the Razorback, or group together and plan assaults.

See alsoEdit

  • Build & Battle - The system all troops use to call down structures in real time onto the battlefield.
  • Structures Overview - More information on structures and the ones infantry can enter and man.
  • Vehicles Overview - The full list of vehicles that troops can use in battle.
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