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This page is intended to help people in the Starhawk beta learn how to play

Table of Contents[]

This page may make a bit more sense if you open the table of contents above (^^^) and skim over it.

This Is Not A Demo[]

To quote Sony: "This is NOT a demo. You can expect to find bugs and the vast majority of the game features planned for the final game will not be implemented. Of course, many of you will not read this sentence and will expect the Beta to be final quality. We ask that the community help itself and remind players that this is a test. It happens to be a pretty fun test, but it is a test regardless. Keep an open mind and we’ll continue to regularly update the Beta with changes based directly on your feedback. Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to help make games? This is your chance!"

In the private beta we got to test just a few things in the multiplayer. We barely even saw a shadow of the multiplayer gameplay. All we've seen so far is a small fraction of what will be in it. LightBox has talked about pre-placed structures (both B&B and some kind of "stomp-able" base architecture), maps with cover, start-up rift option choices (server load-outs), air & ground weapons, 16v16, "tanks"....and then all the non-gameplay features (party features, clan features, etc). This is to say nothing of all the things they're still adjusting...dodging, flight modes, weapon balancing, etc.

The plan is that the beta will only be for multiplayer, we will not be seeing the solo campaign.

How To Get In The Beta[]

Starhawk is only available as a "public" beta test right now (the private beta ended 1/3). The game will not be finished, and released, until 5/8/2012.

Entrance to the beta will be in various waves. They want to take players on slowly to test server capacity. So they will take them in waves, with the earliest waves to reward various groups of people. Who gets into the beta, and when:

  • Keep an eye on the Starhawk Facebook page. Every so often a site offers a give-away of codes
  • On 1/17 and thereafter, all PlayStation Plus subscribers (just go download from the PSN Store), and all previous Private Beta participants (who haven’t erased their original Private Beta files) (if you have an old, un-used private beta code, it is probably expired)
  • 1/31 and thereafter, Uncharted 3 beta key holders. You get these if you buy Uncharted 3 in North America or Europe
  • 2/7: Visit GameStop and PlayStation on Facebook and see how you can get a beta voucher code
  • 2/14 Visit to get a code
  • 2/21: Everyone with a PlayStation Network account. Everyone who wants in, gets in!

For more details, and to see if the schedule has shifted at all, go to

My Code Doesn't Work[]

If your beta code doesn't work...first, make sure you know what kind of code you have. Right now is the public beta. Make sure your code is for the public beta, not the private beta (which has ended). If your code came with a copy of Uncharted 3, that's a code for the public beta.

If you're sure it's a public beta code...are you sure you're redeeming it in the right country? USA/North America vs. Europe/Australia?

Also, codes become valid at different times depending upon where you got it from. See the schedule under How To Get In The Beta.

What's In The Beta[]

Right now just 3 maps, and 2 Game Modes (CTF, TDM). A minimal "leaderboard" and almost no stats. The full game will have more maps and modes. Not all the vehicles, weapons, or structures are in the beta, and there are many features missing or only implemented in the most simple, basic ways (friends-list/party system, advanced matchmaking, clan/tournament/calendar system, stats/leaderboards, skills, splitscreen, online/offline co-op, character/vehicle skin customization, etc). Various features will get added into the beta over time, but we will likely never see all of them until the game releases. We will not see the single-player during the public beta.

These Tips Change[]

This page gets updated periodically with new tips and information. This is a wiki, anyone can help edit and improve it. To see what's changed on this page recently, click here

Read This Or Else[]

Perhaps you are this really a beta? Will the developers really change anything? What is Dylan Jobe thinking about Starhawk game design? Are there sophisticated depths to this beta that I haven't discovered? Why are certain gameplay decisions made the way they are? What features are coming in the full game? Well, if you want to hear fascinating insights from Dylan Jobe himself, go download the MP3 of him chatting about the beta on for 2 hours with beta players:

How Long The Beta Will Last[]

It ends 3/27/2012. The game will not be finished, and released, until 5/8/2012.

I Can't Access The Beta Forum[]

After you've redeemed your code, you can only access the beta forum (For North America it's using the same email address (& the right country's forums) under which you redeemed the beta code. If you tried that and it's still not working, you must contact Sony Customer Support. Meanwhile, you can post in the regular Starhawk forums, and the team will probably see it.

If you redeemed your code properly, on your PS3, you should be able to go into XMB, Account Management, Transaction Management, Services List, and you should see a Service labelled "" (or similar for other countries). Drill into that and you should see "Starhawk Beta Website Access".

Read The Forums[]

LightBox has some summary posts in there that tell you how to stay on top of news about the beta (see Dylan's "Welcome"), report bugs, etc. These beta forums (For North America it's are only accessible to people who are in the beta.

Reporting Bugs and Giving Feedback[]

If you want to report a bug (please do!), LightBox would like you to post in the "Bugs" sub-space (For North America it's of the beta forums. They have instructions as to how to report a bug here:

You can also go into the beta forums to give feedback & suggestions. The general forum link for North America is . These forums are only accessible to people who are in the beta.

The Beta Won't Work[]

Make sure you're not attempting to play during maintenance, the servers will be down. As a general rule, this is every single day from noon-1pm Pacific Time (3-4pm ET, 2-3pm CT, 1-2pm MT, 8-9pm GMT)

If that's not the isssue, are you able to create your own server? If not, there's probably an unusual problem that will only be solved by posting in the Bugs forum. Go make a thread like "I can't create a server".

If you can create a server, but just have troubles joining other games, try using the server list (not matchmaking). And pick a game that is not too close to "full". Pick one with at least 2 or 3 free spots open. This helps avoid having someone join just a split second before you.

Video Walkthroughs[]

Here are some quick video walkthroughs of aspects of the beta:

The Game Controls[]

LightBox has posted some info about controls and objects in the beta. There's 1 thread each in the the forum sub-spaces for Weapons, Vehicles, and Build & Battle. Those posts do not cover every control in the beta though. They do contain extra information beyond what is written below here, so those posts are good reading. These forums are only accessible to people in the beta.


See a graphic of the controller layout here:

  • triangle - brings up Build & Battle menu
  • X – jump/confirm structure
  • square – re-load/use vehicle
  • O - crouch (improves firing accuracy)
  • L1 – "snap-to" targeting/look down sight (& railgun/sniper zoom) Note: This used to be how the Rocket Launcher did lock-on. Not anymore
  • R1 – fire (hold down to lock-on with Rocket Launcher)
  • L2 grenade
  • R2 – sprint
  • R3 - knife/melee
  • d-pad – select weapon (tap to select weapon; press & hold to pop-up the weapon cross)

Sidewinder Jetbike[]

  • X - jump (you can jump walls!)
  • square -- exit vehicle
  • triangle -- Build & Battle menu
  • L2 – reverse
  • R2 – forward
  • L2 + R2 – powerslide (skid)

Razorback 4x4[]

See a graphic of the controller layout here:

  • square -- exit vehicle
  • triangle -- Build & Battle menu
  • L2 – reverse
  • R2 – forward
  • hold X and analog stick or d-pad – select seat
  • R1 – fire (as passenger or gunner)
  • L1 – zoom as gunner
  • L2 + R2 – powerslide (skid)
  • L3 - horn

Vulture Jetpack[]

Jump (X), then hold R2 to fly

  • X - boost up fast to dodge missiles
  • O - boost down fast to dodge missiles
  • L1- (while flying) aims, and automatically hovers while you aim

Ox Tank[]

  • square -- exit vehicle
  • triangle -- Build & Battle menu
  • L2 – reverse
  • R2 – forward
  • hold X and analog stick or d-pad – select seat
  • R1 – fire (as passenger or gunner)
  • L1 – zoom as gunner
  • d pad - change between the default high-explosive "direct fire "shell, and "indirect fire" artillery shots (good against structures)
  • O - passenger open/close hatch


See a graphic of the controller layout here:

  • O – transform to flight mode
  • X – jump (as mech)
  • square – leave hawk
  • triangle – Build & Battle menu
  • R1 – machine guns
  • L1 – fire missiles/lock (depends on controls Settings)
  • L2 – brake
  • R2 – boost
  • L2 + R2 - powerslide (sharp turn)
  • R3 - chaff (it self recharges)
  • R3 - stomp (while on the ground)
  • d pad - select weapon (tap to select weapon; press & hold to pop-up the weapon cross)
  • hold X + L stick – pre-programmed missile scrub maneuvers (when they're in "Evade" status) (unless you change your controls Settings to something else)

Other Controls[]

The "Select" button brings up the full map.

On Re-spawn Map[]

The right thumbstick lets you zoom in and out on the map

Work-arounds For Known Bugs[]

Advanced Flight Mode Freezes PS3[]

If you're in Settings try to select Advanced Flight and it's freezing your system...first make sure your Missile Scrub method is NOT set to "right stick". If it is, you will crash. Change that first, then turn on Advanced Flight.

Mic Stops Working[]

Voice chat is unfortunately still buggy, and they're working on it. Your mic may stop working, then randomly start again. Same for others. It may help to sometimes quit the game, but no one knows.

If You Get "Failed to Connect"[]

This happens sometimes. They're working on it. It seems to happen more often if you try to join nearly full servers (15 of 16 players already in). Try anyway, it shouldn't be too frequent. If you are getting it a lot, even on relatively empty servers, post in the Bugs forum. And, in the meantime, just start your own server.

Learn About The Weapons/Vehicles/Structures[]

In Starhawk there are many vehicles and interesting weapons to master and fool about with. This wiki contains info about the various in-game objects, what they're useful for, how to use them, etc. You should read about the game's troop weapons, vehicles, structures, and Hawk weapons. You also want to be familiar with one of the game's major mechanics, Build & Battle.

To see a list of every page in this wiki, click here

General Tips For Learning The Starhawk Beta[]

Crash Reports[]

If the beta ever crashes/freezes your PS3, when you start back up, your PS3 may give you the option to send in a crash report. LightBox would really like it if you do that!

The Beta is Acting Weird[]

If strange things happen...the beta won't respond to your button presses, you shoot things and they don't take could be due to severe lag. How do you know if you've got lag? Look at the top of the screen, just to the right of the score. If there's a tiny yellow letter "i" that looks like this: [i] That indicates you're experiencing lag. You may also sometimes get a message about "Net Stall"

Common Rookie Mistakes[]

Your team has a limited number of buildings they're allowed to build (32). Therefore:

  • Generally speaking, look around before building, and avoid building duplicates. Your team doesn't need 2 or 3 Razorback garages at Home. There are exceptions to this "rule", but don't worry about them right now.
  • Do not build a ton of buildings at Home. That uses-up your team's build limit. Your team needs to be able to build things close to, or in, the enemy Home.
  • An "impenetrable fortress of walls" CAN be penetrated, or flown over, or destroyed, and can be used by the enemy as cover. Walls aren't going to win you the game. So don't over-build them. Learn to fight.

How To Learn The Beta[]

(Someone should write about creating your own server...but that people may enter and send you out of pre-game. Mention the pros/cons of naming your server "newbie". Some vets may avoid it, or come in to train you, while others may be attracted to come bash.)

Server Creation Options[]

  • Host Migration: (defaults to "on") When you create a server, you are "host". With "Migration" off, when you quit, the server ends, everyone is kicked out. With "Migration" turned on, when you quit, the system randomly picks another player to be the host. Be aware, if you accepted the default server name, it is named after your PSN ID. With Migration on, you can quit, and "your" server with your name will live on, even though you're not in it.
  • Intermission: Be aware, a 10 second intermission tends to annoy players, they don't get time to look over the scoreboard.
  • Loadout: The Loadout you select affects what Build & Battle parts are available in-game, and affects whether or not there are pre-placed B&B structures at the start of the game. All of the "Strategic" loadouts have no pre-placed B&B items. The gameplay unfolds slowly as people build up the map, like in an RTS. In the beginning you have to be aware of flag-rushing attacks with minimal offensive/defensive abilities, later in the game the character of gameplay changes as more items are available. All of the "Blitz" loadouts have some pre-placed, re-claimable, destructible B&B items. Blitz games have intense action from the start (like Warhawk did). Here is what is in each set:
  • All loadouts include: Wall, MG turret, sniper tower, Outpost, bunker, hawkpad, beam turret, shield
  • Classic Beta: Also includes Razorback 4x4, Vulture jetpack
  • Triad: Also includes Sidewinder jetbike, Ox tank
  • Bruiser: Also includes Razorback 4x4, Vulture jetpack, Ox tank
  • Sprinter: Also includes Sidewinder jetbike, Razorback 4x4, Vulture jetpack

Where To Play[]

The beta has a minimal "matchmaking" feature right now (the full game is supposed to have a very good one), but it's so minimal you should probably just ignore it.

If you look in the server list, you can at least see server names. Reading server names can be very informative:

  • Don't Join: Some say "don't join" (the person may be running tests, alone or with friends). So don't join.
  • Some may say "newbies only", or "vet server", or variations of that. This may tell you if it's a server you want to be in.
  • Mics Only: Some servers say "mics only"...they want players who will talk, communicate, and use teamwork.
  • Dogfight Only: Only for dogfighting
  • Training: Other servers advertise themselves as offering "training" help.

What Team You Are[]

If you played Warhawk, you were used to the fact that randomly you'd be placed on either red team or blue team. In Starhawk, you are randomly on the Rifter or Outcast team, but your team ALWAYS appears "green" to you, and the enemy team ALWAYS appears "red" to you. Your spawn areas are green-colored, your team tags are green, on the map your buildings are green, etc. (Note: there is an checkbox in the options menu to switch the color scheme from green/red to blue/orange)

How To Spawn[]

Whenever you spawn on Starhawk, you fly in through the sky in a Drop Pod. You can spawn in any green-colored area. Which means your Home, and around any Outposts that have been built.

Take advantage of the view: The drop pod sequence can provide you with valuable battle-field intel. Try to split your focus between your impact point and everything else happening around you - note all friendly and enemy structures to plan your movements, look for enemies behind cover, locate proximity mines, etc. Know what you are dropping into to be as effective as possible the second you land.

Your Drop Pod is a lot like a missile, in the sense that you can kill someone by landing on them. Even if they're in a Mech, etc. You will see a sort of "shadow" on the ground of where your Pod is going to hit. It's very useful for controlling where you're going, as you may want to land on a Supply Bunker to get some weapons and supplies straight away. Or you may want to land straight on a Hawk Pad to get straight into some dogfighting. Other options include landing on Rift containers to start with a little extra or targeting enemy structures to deal damage (a drop pod will destroy an MG turret).

One decision you will have to make when choosing where to land is whether to try to squash the enemy or not. When aiming for an oppoenent try to determine where his attention is directed and start your drop behind him, pulling the pod toward your target to catch him off guard. If you miss them but spawn near them, you will be an easy target and they will most likely have better weapons than you. You may want to spawn mid-range from enemies, so you can use your Rifle to gun them down.

Another way to decide where to go, you can see your teammates' cursors on the map as they're selecting their spawn location. If it's the game start and they're all spawning on the flag to defend it, maybe you should spawn near an edge, get a Razorback, and rush the enemy. If they're all rushing out, maybe you should spawn near the flag.

What's On Your Screen[]

Read about Starhawk's various menus and displays

What's In Home Base[]

Read about the Rift Collector

How To Get Rift So You Can Build Structures[]

There are three "passive" sources of rift. The Rift Collector, Outposts, and Rift Barrels.

These all provide a replenishable source of rift. The Rift Collector and the Outpost will give you a slow supply when you are in a certain radius around them. Being near multiple Outposts does not give you Rift any faster than being next to 1. There is ZERO value to putting a Outpost in your own Home base. Rift Barrels give you rift when you shoot them. They respawn after 20 or so seconds.

As well as this, there are "active" ways to get rift. You can get rift from Capturing the flag, returning your flag, killing enemies, and destroying enemy buildings.

It is worth mentioning that in Pre-Game, Outposts and Rift Collectors do not supply you with rift, and you have to use the other methods to obtain it.

The Basics Of Building Structures[]

Building is one of the most innovative features of Starhawk. You access the build menu using Triangle. You can build almost ANYWHERE on the map, even inside the enemy home, and you can build WHILE you're flying a Hawk or using any other vehicle.

However, there are lmits on placing buildings. Your entire team is only allowed 32 structures collectively. Once 32 buildings have been placed no one can build anything else until an existing building is either destroyed or reclaimed. Additionally, the ground has to be somewhat level (Terrain requirements vary by building - outposts and beam turrets have much more flexibility in location than a supply bunker or hawk pad).

To build things, you need Rift Energy. This is the currency of the game. Your Rift Meter shows you how much Rift you currently have. The Rift Meter is in the blue bar in the top right of screen. Each building has its own Rift cost: A Wall costs 1 bar of rift, a Garage costs 2 bars of rift, etc. Each structure is labelld with its cost on the radial Build Menu (triangle button).

To build something, select it in the Build Menu, then release triangle. If you don't have enough Rift yet, you won't be able to select the item. Once you've successfully selected and started the build, you'll have a positioning hologram you can move around to place the structure. When the hologram is green, you can build there. If it's yellow, you can't. Enemy holograms are red. You don't want to be standing in that spot when their building comes crashing down (Note: friendly buildings falling from the sky are just as deadly, even your own)!

Buildings are destructible (by the enemy), and repairable, if you have the Welding Torch. The Welding Torch can also be used to destroy enemy buildings.

Sometimes you may see a building that is in the way, no longer relevant to the changed state of the battlefield, or is badly placed. All allied buildings may be reclaimed. This is especially helpful with walls and gates that may be placed in bad positions by accident/bad tactics. To reclaim something, hold Triangle while standing in front of its glowing orange/yellow control pad. A menu will pop up with some icons, 1 of them being a small "recycle" icon for reclaiming. Use the left thumbstick to select that icon, then confirm your choice with X.

Building "too many" things at Home is not good strategy! It means your teammates can't build strategically closer to the enemy base to help mount an assault and manage to bring the enemy flag Home. Even if you fill Home with 32 structures, an enemy will still find a way to quietly slip in with a Welding Torch, put a hole in a wall, then several of them will rush your Home, get your flag, and get out...all while you thought you were completely secure. (Personal note: I love infiltrating overly-built bases. Too many walls provide easy cover to move around dismantling turrets and convient spots to hide and recover health. It's kind of counter-intuitive, but an "open" base is actually much more difficult to penetrate and much easier to defend)

You can learn some things about Walls and building them by reading the Walls article.

(Someone should write about the precise steps to build Walls, link them, etc.)

How To Get Other Weapons[]

Rifle ammo, Grenades, the Welding Torch and Proximity Mines are scattered around the map.

To obtain a Rocket Launcher or a Shotgun, enter or build a Supply Bunker. This requires four rift bars to build. You can also get these weapons from enemy supply bunkers, but it will not let you enter via the door. You will have to climb the ladder and enter through the hole in the roof. But you can still exit through the door.

To obtain a railgun (for sniping), climb or build a Sniper Tower. Building a Sniper Tower requires two rift bars.

Location Of The Mines And Welding Torch[]

These written descriptions are probably the best way of finding these items, but if you want to see a map diagram, you should also check out the section on the beta maps.

Be aware, the mines are magnetic. They will leap onto passing Razorbacks. If you placed them yourself onto your own Razor or hawk, they'll leap off your vehicle onto other vehicles/structures.

In Acid Sea[]

  • Mines: Go to the center of the map. To your left and right are large buildings/platforms. One of these has a ladder facing you (it will vary which one depending upon which side of the map you came from). Go up the ladder, you'll find the Mines there.
  • Welding Torch: Take the right-hand road leading out of your Home base. Just down the road on the right you will see the Welding Torch.

In Space[]

  • Mines: There's only 1 on the map, they are not symmetrically placed. If you're the Outcast, you're lucky, they're close to your Home. If you're Rifter, you're unlucky, they're close to the enemy Home. Head left out of your Home, taking the up-ramp. Go up the next up-ramp as well so you're at the "top" level. If you're Outcast, the mines are right there on your left. If you're Rifter, they're in the corresponding location on the enemy side.
  • Welding Torch: Head left out of your Home, taking the down-ramp. Do not go up the next up-ramp. Look just past it, to the left of that up-ramp, you will see the welding torch.

Basics Of Combat[]

Every time you spawn in Starhawk, you have a kinetic rifle. This is basically a standard assault rifle-type gun. To fire your weapon, press R1. To aim in, press L1. To reload, press square. Aiming down the sights slows down your movement and camera, meaning that in close-quarters combat hipfiring is extremely important. Hipfiring is firing your weapon without aiming in, which allows you to retain regular turning speeds. 'The other weapon you spawn with is a knife. You can use your knife by pressing R3 (Press in right stick). If standing directly next to an opponent, this will result in a takedown knife attack.

There are several other weapons you can obtain in the game, some in structures and some around the maps. If you have more than on weapon, you can select a new one with the d-pad. Hold in a button on the d-pad to bring up the weapons menu, then press the direction of the weapon you desire. Please note that you DO NOT have to hold in the d-pad, you can simply press the direction button. It helps to have the weapon slots memorized however.

The complete list of weapons is:

*Kinetic Rifle (Left on d-pad)

*Union Shotgun (Down)

*MAW launcher (Up)

*LR-3 Railgun (Right)

*Proximity Mines (Right+down)

  • Repair gun (Left+down)

*Revolver (Right+up)

*Flamethrower (Left+up)

The Union Shotgun and MAW can be found in a Supply Bunker when called in. The LR-3 is basically the sniper rifle, and can be obtained from a Watchtower. The Revolver, Flamethrower, Mines, and Repair Gun are all found at weapon platforms around the map.

How To Get A Vehicle[]

Unless a teammate or enemy abandons a vehicle somewhere, all vehicles in Starhawk are obtained from the relevant Build & Battle structure for that vehicle. For a Hawk you need to find or build a hawk pad (4 rift), for a Jet Pack you need to find or build a jetpack dispenser (6 rift), and for a Razorback you need to find or build a garage (2 rift). When you first build a Razorback Garage or Hawk Pad, it comes with a vehicle in it ready for the taking. Sometimes you have to move quick or teammates may steal that first vehicle.

Once one of your teammates has built a structure you can use the structure to build new vehicles for a discounted rate. You will see the empty garage or pad with the ghost outline of a Razorback or Hawk in it (due a bug, sometimes you don't see the ghost). Enemy garages and pads, however, always lack the ghost, because you are not allowed to order from enemy structures.

Just approach the orange/yellow control panel (sometimes you can find them because they have a tiny hologram of the vehicle floating in front of the control panel) on the structure and hold Triangle (the control panel will have put up a "hint" to use Triangle). A menu will pop up with some icons, 1 of them being the vehicle you want, and a small "recycle" icon for reclaiming. Use the left thumbstick to select the vehicle.

You can order a Hawk from existing hawk pad (2 rift), a Jetpack from an existing jetpack dispenser (3 rift), or a Razorback from an existing garage (1 rift). There will be a delay time for spawning a new vehicle after a vehicle has been spawned. For a hawk it is 3 seconds, a jetpack 3 seconds (I think), and a Razorback is 3 seconds. The delay time will come up on screen when you approach the control panel of a structure. (Note: for the time being, as a test, the devs have shortened all wait times to 3 seconds).

You may want to take care not to build multiple buildings of the same type "too close" to one another, as this just uses up your team's structure limit of 32 structures. Instead you can easily walk to nearby existing garages/pads and order a vehicle. Although since the tank spawn delay is so long, more than 1 tank depot can be useful if multiple tankers want to get going quickly.

You can't order vehicles from the enemy team's structures, but you can use the enemy team's abandoned vehicles. Which means...don't leave a Razorback sitting around or in a garage at Home base. The enemy can use it to drive away with your flag!

How To Make A New Spawn Point[]

To create a new spawn point, you need to build an Outpost using the Build&Battle menu. This requires four bars of rift. If you are lacking rift, then travel to an area with rift barrels via jetpack, Razorback etc. Shoot the rift barrel continually until you have enough rift to build the Outpost. If you're building near Rift Barrels, keep the Outpost close enough that you get its Rift while you're harvesting/defending the barrels.

Tips For Flying Starhawks[]

Other tips can be found via the Hawk article

Hawk Flight Modes[]

You're going to want to determine what flight model you like best for flying.

Normal Flight Model[]

The game limits you a good deal for this flight model. The advantage to that is it's hard to get disoriented or motion sick with this flight mode. A disadvantage of this mode is as enemies twirl all around you, you can't easily track them, since your maneuvering is limited, unlike Advanced Flight mode.

  • Fly straight up/down: You can't fly straight up/down (but you can fly nearly straight up/down)
  • Up/down Loops: You have extremely limited looping abilities. You can do a pre-scripted "canned" half-loop (see dodging below)
  • Upside-down: You can't fly upside-down
  • Dodging: The only way to dodge missiles is to use the pre-scripted "canned" dodges (which by default are activated by pressing X and moving the left thumbstick). There is also chaff (R3), but that isn't "dodging".
Classic Arcade Flight[]

(this is similar to the old "Normal Flight" mode of Warhawk)

The game limits you somewhat for this flight model, but not as limited as Starhawk's Normal model. With this mode it's hard to get disoriented or motion sick. A disadvantage of this mode is as enemies twirl all around you, you can't easily track them, since your maneuvering is limited, unlike Advanced Flight mode.

  • Fly straight up/down: You CAN fly straight up/down
  • Up/down Loops: You have some ability to do looping (using the right thumbstick), but you don't have complete control.
  • Upside-down: You can't fly upside-down
  • Dodging: You have 2 ways to dodge missiles. You can use the pre-scripted "canned" dodges just like Normal Flight, or you can use "organic" dodges (just manipulating your thumbsticks to accomplish your own dodge). There is also chaff (R3), but that isn't "dodging".
Advanced Flight[]

(this is similar to the old "Pro Flight" mode of Warhawk)

You can do anything you want in this flight mode, the game doesn't limit you at all. Using this mode, it can be easier to track enemies when you're on the attack.

  • Fly straight up/down: You have complete control, you can do anything you want
  • Up/down Loops: You have complete control, you can do anything you want
  • Upside-down: You have complete control, you can do anything you want
  • Dodging: You have 2 ways to dodge missiles. You can use the pre-scripted "canned" dodges just like Normal Flight, or you can use "organic" dodges (just manipulating your thumbsticks to accomplish your own dodge). There is also chaff (R3), but that isn't "dodging".

How To Take Off[]

To avoid damaging yourself upon take-off, a good way to take-off from being a Mech is...look upwards into empty airspace, hit X to jump, while you're in mid-leap, hit O to transform. You should have no problem taking-off vertically (or nearly so).

How Dodging Works[]

While flying, depending upon the flight model you chose, missiles can be dodged using pre-scripted "canned" dodges (like when you press X) or by using "organic" dodges (just manipulating your thumbsticks to accomplish your own dodge).

The missile icons on your HUD will let you know the fate of each missile. If it disappears with a chirping sound effect, you dodged it. If it just disappears in a graphical puff (with no sound), it means it hit terrain or a building before reaching you. If it turns into a red X, it means you got hit by it.

Ideas For What You Should Do[]

Someone write some ideas here for what new players could do next (defend, make bases, attack, etc). Fill these sub-sections in, add more sections?


How To Take-out An Automatic Machine Gun Turret[]

Auto Turrets can be a nuisance when you're trying to assault an enemy's base. Fortunately, there are mutliple ways to destroy them...

Auto Turrets can be destroyed with every weapon in the game, though some do more damage than others. It is advisable that you either use a Rocket launcher or a Railgun. Two shots from a rocket launcher will destroy the turret, and if you have a railgun you can shoot the 'eye' of the turret to kill it in one go. Although you can shoot the 'eye' with all weapons, the railgun is the most accurate and therefore the best choice.

If shooting the turret fails, or you're too close to shoot it without it killing you first, you can 'dismantle' the turret. This is simply done by running up to it and using the melee button (R3). You have to approach turrets carefully, since the turret is more accurate up close and it may kill you before you get to it. Some you can sneak near, some you can rush while moving left & right, every situation is different.

How to Fight Someone With a Jetpack[]

If you do not have a jetpack and are being attacked by someone who does, here are some things to consider:

  • Be aware: JPers (jetpackers) always show on the map. If you see a fast-moving troop dot, be aware there's a JPer around.
  • Melee: If he drops to the ground right next to you, he wants to knife you. Be ready to avoid the knifing, or knife him first. Right now a lot of JPers prefer this attack. You can take a chance here...if you stay facing away, he'll think you don't know he's there. As he gets close and drops down, wait for the last moment, then move out of the way and turn, he'll miss, and you can knife him. This could be a risk if he's planning to shotgun you. You might wait and just get shot in the back. But you might live and might be able to shotgun him, or sprint away. If you're worried he has a shotgun, you're better off taking a few shots while he's far away, then running if he continues to close, take a few more shots, etc.
  • Shotgun assault: He may want to get close to blast you at close range with the shotgun. Sprint away while weaving, then try aimed fire at him with your rifle. If he's hovering, he'll be fairly easy to hit.
  • Use the environment: If you can find a tight alley, they have less room to circle around you and shooting them becomes easier.
  • Wait them out: If you're sprinting and shooting enough, if they keep trying to kill you, eventually they'll run out of fuel and have to come down. You can then fight on more even terms.
  • Shoot them in the back: If they give up and retreat, try to kill them as they go with rifle, rocket launcher, etc.
  • Rocekt Launcher: You can lock onto jetpackers the same way you lock onto a hawk. This is most effective against jetpackers that are high above the ground. They may try to dodge the rocket by using a jetpack boost but this will use up most of their fuel.


Walling Yourself In: Walling your base in is a great tactic in both TDM and CTF it allows you to build in safety and can also keep your flag safe from "Quick Grabs" Be careful though! Sidewinders can jump over the low spots of walls.

Dont Forget Beam Turrets: Beam turrets are a wonderful thing to have if placed correctly, The best spot to place a Beam Turret is in a spot with a view of the sky and with the least obstructions as possible.


At the beginning of the game you might decide to prepare your home base for attack. If you are defending, you have a few options. Some prefer a clear view of their own flag and a clear killing field. Others prefer to put walls around the flag. At the very least to stop vehicles from driving right up to the flag. You can also try to use walls to make it harder for troops to get to the flag. When you are building them, you have the option to link two walls together. If you do this, then the enemy cannot filter in through the gaps.

You may wish to convert one wall into a gate by tapping square on the yellow button attached to the wall. This allows your team mates and you to easily move in and out of the walled-off area. Don't convert every wall to a gate though. With many gates constantly opening, an enemy will find a time to slilp in.

A popular strategy (especially on Space) is to wall-off your flag with all the ladders facing outwards, and make no gates (perhaps with a jetpack dispenser inside). This way, teammates and enemies can climb in, but once an enemy has gone in and gotten the flag, they have no way out, since you can't jetpack with the flag. They either have to destroy a wall, or find a place to build a turret, sniper tower, or wall (if there's room), then hope to climb it as a stepping point to get outside of the walls. If you build other things inside the walls, it will be harder for enemies to find room to build. Teammates can use a jetpack to get out.

Auto-turrets can be placed on top of walls. This provides defence for your base and make the turrets harder to disable. Do not build an uneccesary amount of walls, as there is a build limit of 32 buildings for each team. You need some ability to build items when attacking the enemy Home.

If you're staying home and a little structure clean-up too. Home often gets overbuilt, then the limit is reached and no one can build near the enemy to attack/capture flags. If you see stuff that is redundant (how many Razorback garages and jetpack dispensers do you need at Home?), or overbuilt (giant maze of walls that give enemy cover and confuse your own team), reclaim it.

Create Forward Bases[]

Foward bases are a useful tool in Starhawk. Especially in Capture the Flag. If your foward base contains a Outpost, you and your team can spawn close to the enemy's base and get straight into attacking.

Forward bases are vunerable though. This is because the enemy has the advantage as their main base is nearby. They can easily destroy your outpost, so you can no longer spawn there, but they can always spawn "close" at their Home base. The best way to combat this is to make sure that your forward base is stocked-up well. This means putting bunkers down so that anyone who spawns there is well equipped. Just remember the enemy can very easily enter the bunker from the top and surprise you with an attack. And be as well-equipped as you are if you don't defend the Bunkers from them. You may want a garage so that you have easy access (if you're playing Capture the Flag) to a Razorback.


Starhawk gives you a lot of choice in relation to attacking the enemy's base. Here are some of the options:

* Crazy Razorback do-or-die rush! A common method of attacking. Though it is often done badly, if done correctly this can get you an easy flag. The tactic with this is to be as quick as possible, and don't stop to kill enemies that are out of your way. If you do this, you will attract more attention and most likely get killed.

Make sure you protect your Razorback . Your Razorback is your ticket out of the enemy base, and if it's destroyed you are pretty much dead.

* The "slowly but surely" method: Not all of us like to run into the enemy base like a maniac (surprisingly), so another approach is to launch a continuing assault on the enemy. This means building a foward base from which you can blow up enemy buildings and get some troops into their base. This gives you close access to the flag or the enemy stronghold. Some may see it as spawn trapping, some may see it as a good tactic move. It's your opinion.

Be warned though, you need to keep some men at your own Home base, as an enemy may sneak round the side of the map and get your flag/spawn trap you. It also takes a lot of time to gather enough rift and build a foward base and effectively defend the Outpost.

* Pwn them like a ninja! LONE WOLF! Though teamwork is vital for a lot of tactics, some stuff you can do on your own. One example of this is the classic "LONE WOLF". This is where you sneak into the enemy's base (utilising cover) and sabotage the goat's milk out of them. Not many do it well. In starhawk, this tactic often is often done best using a Repair Tool - which can destroy enemy buildings within seconds.

You will face a lot of enemies, so it is important to use cover to your advantage. Enemy buildings and Bunkers are good for this. Go in through the top and restock on ammo. They will likely see you when they drop pod in, so it is useful to be good at using the knife or the shotgun so you can get them as soon as they land.

One common mistake is to put walls and turrets down in the enemy base. This DOES NOT work, and simply wastes your rift and building slots. They are easy to destroy and can often help the enemy (If it's a bunker or a wall).

*Denial of Service: Whatever the enemy is using the most, destroy it. If they're using a lot of hawks, destroy their hawkpads. If they're jetpacking a lot, destroy their dispensers. Of course, the most "dangerous" enemy structure is the Outpost, and the bubble shield. Destroy those first.

* Long range sabotage...LIKE A BOSS. If you're familiar with Starhawk, you will have seen the Railgun. This is a deadly weapon in the right hands, and if these hands are your hands (lol), then this tactic is for you.

Make some kind of supply station at your base, which contains a Bunker , A Sniper Tower and A Jetpack Dispenser (Maybe some Turrets to stop them from being destroyed). This will act as your 'base of operations' for the match.

Once you are fully kitted out, Jetpack up to a vantage point in the map. For example, on Acid Sea , the Pipes overlooking the enemy base and the centre of the map. Destroy all the enemy buildings you can see, using the Rocket Launcher and shoot as many enemies as you can see with the Railgun. Once you've run out of ammo, return to your little "base of operations" and restock. Find a different spot (They'll know where you were the first time and prepare for you) and repeat.

You will be vunerable when sniping and sabotaging, so make sure you have a suitable escape route or fortification to hide in. It's better if as few people on the team are using this tactic as possible, as it leaves your base defenceless and if it's CTF , nobody is going for the flag. Tell your team to use the other tactics, or do them yourself.

Tips For Specific Maps[]

Acid Sea[]

  • Don't Waste Walls Near The Flag: There isn't much value to trying to block-off the ladders. The flag station can be climbed without using the ladders, and most experienced players will just jetpack up there. It may be smarter to block the roads, or just drop extra turrets, rather than using up team build limit on walls there.

Also, FullFrontalGaming blog has published a ground map/guide here:

Air map:

Additional map:


  • Building for flag defense: Build a tight triangle of 3 linked walls around your flag, with the ladders facing out. Put a jetpack dispenser inside (you'll have to build the triangle "properly" so there's room for a jetpack inside). Enemies can easily climb in...but will have to take extra steps in order to get out. Like build a turret to use as a "staircase", or take the time and noise to destroy a wall. Teammates can easily climb in to score a flag...and use a jetpack to get back out. If your enemy was foolish enough to build with 4 walls, you may be able to drop your own wall inside, climb it, hop to their wall, and then out.

Also, FullFrontalGaming blog has published a ground map/guide here:

Air map:

Additional map:

Tips For Specific Game Modes[]

Capture The Flag[]

* Make a hole in their defenses: Is the enemy Home heavily fortified so you can't get to their flag? Get a jetpack and sneak in from behind. On Acid Sea, from around the mountains/coastline. On Space, from under the map. Have a repair tool and quietly make a hole in their walls. Have teammates shortly behind you to take advantage of that hole in case you're killed before you can.

* Rush the enemy! As soon as the game starts, it is advisable to build a garage straight away and head to the enemy's flag in a Razorback . This is a good method since you can get to the enemy base before they have a chance to build any fortifications or turrets. It may well end up badly, since you are usually outnumbered badly, and any enemies you kill can spawn back right where they died in a few seconds. But if you are quick and smart enough, you should be able to get an easy flag capture right at the start of the game.

* Following on from this: Prepare for an enemy rush! At the start of almost every game, the enemy will try and rush you using the above tactic. The best way to prepare for this is to leave some team-mates behind at the base, and preferably on high ground (since Razorbacks can easily run you over). You may also want to build a bunker as quickly as possible, because you will get a Rocket Launcher which can easily destoy enemy Razorbacks.

If any enemy is out of their Razorback , concentrate fire on the razorback rather than the enemy. If they have no means of transportation, they're sitting ducks for people at your base.

* Intelligent wall placement! Whatever you do, don't build walls in a ridiculous labryinth that not only confuses the enemy, but you and your team! The best way to build walls is to surround the flag in as little room as possible. Walls are really more about blocking/slowing vehicles than they are about stopping troops.

* Fortify your base like some kind of high security prison! As the game goes on, your enemy will most likely start building hawks and fly over to your base, transform into a mech and beat the living goat's milk out of you. However, you can stop this by building decent fortifications. This means always having a Bunker in your home base so that anyone spawning there can get some decent weapons. It also means having some kind of wall system which will bide you time to kill the enemies who are after the flag. Energy Shields are a big bonus too, although they are expensive and you may want to consider spending your rift on something else. Such as a Beam Turret . These are very good against airbourne enemies as they auto lock onto them. They are also good for destroying enemy foward bases that are visible, since you can get in them and beam fire onto their bunkers, or whatever buildings they have.

* Torpedo their base! One of the easiest ways to get rid of Energy Shields is to get in a Hawk, transform and grab the Torpedo. After you have it, select it, turn towards the enemy base and get ready to fire. As soon as you get inside the shield, fire and boost away to get Hawk Health if possible. This is also useful for destroying large amounts of Auto Turrets near the flag.

* The most important tactic of all: Teamwork! It really helps to have an effective method for teamwork. This means using a microphone, or at least some kind of communication. This is good, as it means that you can ask teammates what buildings they've built, and whether you need to build another one etc. It also helps to know who has the flag, or who's defending it.

You may want to move around in groups also, this is relevant to the Rush tactic, since you can get a Razorback full of people right at the start of the game and storm the enemy base as a team. One person might want to be the driver, one person might want to use the turret and one person might want to jump out and get the flag.

Team defense is also important, as you may want to cover different sides of your base, or have diferent buildings assigned to each person.

* Protect Your Run: If you end up running the flag out on foot, if you made sure to have some rift...drop a wall as you run backwards to protect your run. On the ground in front of that wall drop a turret. Enemies will go around the wall to get you and not notice the turret.

Frequently Asked Questions By Beta Players[]

This is for questions specific to the beta. For this wiki's general FAQ about the Starhawk game, check out the general FAQ

How Do I Play With Friends/Clan?[]

Party & clan features are not in this limited beta yet. We don't know if they will be ever showing them to us in the beta. They've said there are EXTENSIVE party/clan features for the full game. For now, the best you can do is join a game off the server list, remember the server name, then message your friends to join you there. Or start your own server and have friends join you there.

Why Do My Points/Level Keep Resetting?[]

LightBox periodically resets these as it works on fine-tuning its ranking programming. There have also sometimes been bugs where your stats may not record. At the end of the beta it will all be reset.

What Is Net Stall?[]

If you are playing in a game that's experiencing long delays in network communication with the host (approx. 10 seconds), a bit of orange text will be displayed in the upper right of your screen that reads "Network Stall". If bad network conditions persist, Starhawk will deem that host no longer viable to host a game of acceptable quality and host-migration will automatically be triggered.

How Do I See Player Scores In A Game?[]

Press the start button and select Scores. Scroll down until you see your name. You will be told the number of kills you have made, the number of deaths you have had and your current score.

How Large A Server Can I Host?[]

The beta currently only allows 16-person servers. It is expected it will allow 32 before the beta ends. Even when you create your own server, it's actually hosted by Sony, so all players should be able to host 32 people.

Is There Split Screen?[]

The final game will have it. You will have dual-split-screen for ranked play with 2 different PSN IDs at the same time. It will also have a split-screen online/offline co-op mode of Rifters vs. Outcasts (like Horde mode in Gears). As of 12/12/2011 it's undecided whether that will appear in the beta or not.

Will Games Always Start This Slow?[]

In Warhawk you had access to various weapon pickups and vehicles immediately and continuously. Not so far in the Starhawk beta though. However, Dylan Jobe has talked about server load-out options you'll be able to setup when creating your server. It would let you do things like specify that all players start with 6 rift. Dylan also mentioned the possibility of maps starting-off with some pre-placed B&B structures. On a side note about startup setup, Dylan also mentioned the possibility of a small amount of pre-set, destructible base architecture ("stomp-ables" that can be intentionally crushed by your own B&B), and talked about maps that sound like they may have some indestructible cover.

More Tips Elsewhere[]