Kinetic Rifle
Troop Weapon
The Kinetic Rifle icon.
Pickup Informaion
Location Given at spawn,
dropped by dead players
Color Yellow
Pickup + 160 Ammo (at spawn)
Ammo Box + 96 Ammo
Weapon Informaion
Magazine Size | (Ammo Capacity)
48 | (240)
Reload Time 1.7 seconds
Range Effective at medium to far range

Emmett Graves aiming a Kinetic Rifle.

The Kinetic Rifle is a fully automatic anti-infantry assualt rifle. It is only usable by Infantry. All players start with the Kinetic Rifle at deployment.The Kinetic Rifle is useful for far and close range shooting. To make the Kinetic Rifle more effective, try using the Marksman skill.


The Kinetic Rifle looks like a highly futuristic rifle with a large oval barrel. The magazine appears surprisingly small for the amount of ammo it holds.


The Kinetic Rifle is effective at medium range but lacks power in exchange for the high rate of fire. It can pierce light Armor. In addition, firing the Kinetic Rifle for long periods of time cause the bullets to slowly spread out, decreasing accuracy. Use Marksman skill for more accurate slow spread firing.

Skill AugmentationEdit

With the Weapon Mods skill, it's magazine size is increased to 72.

With the Marksman skill, the bullet spray is decreased while at the same time slightly increasing the damage of the bullets.

With the Scavenger skill, it's maximum capacity is increased to 360 rounds.

Weapon MasteryEdit

Earning kills with the Kinetic Rifle increases your mastery of it.

Kinetic Rifle
Weapon Mastery
Bronze Silver Gold
250 Kills 1000 Kills 3000 Kills


  1. The longer you fire the Kinetic Rifle, the more the bullets spread. To maintain accuracy, try firing in short bursts, even shorter if firing at long range..
  2. There is an initial "snap" of heavy aim assist when you first enter OTS mode within short/mid-range looking at an enemy, usually referred to as "snap-lock". This largely effective technique lasts only a second or 2, but makes it almost guaranteed to hit an enemy, making short bursts of fire while snap locking a superior option in most situations. This allows enhanced mobility while firing, as a dash jump while in OTS will not stop momentum and also serves as a good tool to identify the duration of the aim-assist.
  3. Headshots do considerably more damage than regular shots. If the enemy starts firing first at short range but lands no headshots, you can kill them first much quicker by landing only headshots.


  • The Kinetic Rifle "replaces" the Model 18 Automatic Rifle from Warhawk. However, there is no constant heavy aim-assist with the rifle as there was with Warhawk due to the refinements with the Starhawk camera, controls, and aiming mechanics.

Weapons WheelEdit

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