Troop Weapon
The Knife icon.
Pickup Informaion
Location Given at Spawn
Color N/A
Pickup N/A
Ammo Box N/A
Weapon Informaion
Rounds Per Clip | (Max Ammo)
Reload Time N/A
Range Effective at point-blank

The Knife is the melee weapon in Starhawk. It is usable by infantry.


Although there are variations in aesthetics for the Rifter knife and the Outcast knife, the function stays the same. The difference in appearance is quite noticeable between the Rifters and the Outcasts's knife. The Rifter's knife is a standard blade called the Combat Knife (pictured right), like that used in the Army or the one in Warhawk. The Outcast's knife is a "sharpened Rift Shard" called the Rift Blade which they have adapted to be a weapon.


Unlike the knife in Warhawk, you do not need to equip it. To use the knife, simply tap R3 (Melee button) and your character will do a quick slash. You can slash up to two times, with a brief recharge between sets of slashes. It takes two hits to kill an enemy at full health.

Drama KillEdit

If you sneak up to an enemy and press R3, you will do a "Drama Kill" that kills the enemy in one hit. However, you are slightly more vulnerable while doing this. A cool animation plays while you kill the enemy, (either you jumping on their back and sliting their neck, or other means), but this takes about 3 seconds, which in such time a teammate can kill you.

Skill AugmentationEdit

  • With the Bruiser skill, the Knife gains the ability to tear through all armor, allowing players to destroy vehicles and structures fairly quickly. This can be devastating in the hands of a skilled player.

Weapons MasteryEdit

Earning kills with the Knife increases your mastery of it.

Weapon Mastery
Bronze Silver Gold
250 Kills 1000 Kills 3000 Kills

Related TrophiesEdit

Takedown Takedown Bronze Bronze
Kill an enemy with a melee attack.


  1. The knife can be used to kill players in Sidewinder Jetbikes.
  2. A good tactic to use when you have a Jetpack and are facing an enemy in a mech is to hover up to the cockpit and knife them. This will kill them in one shot, and will also leave a free Mech for you or your teammates.
  3. Knives can be used to dismantle Auto Turrets if you get up close and press R3.


  • The Knife "replaces" the SR-1 Tactical Combat Blade from Warhawk.
  • The outcasts rift shard actually resembles an aztec sacrifice knife.
  • Although the Sweet Tooth DLC knife appears signifiacantly larger, there is no proof that it's range is superior to the outcasts' typical ceremonial knife.

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