Launch Pad
B&B Structure
Launch Pad
A Launch Pad with a pre-built Hawk on Orbital.
Structure Information
Rift Cost 6 Cells
Health ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Function Spawns Hawks.
Hawk (Spawn Info)
Rift Cost 2 Cells
Respawn Time 3.0 Seconds

The Launch Pad is is a Build & Battle structure found in both multiplayer and the single-player campaign. It spawns the titular Hawks for the player to use. It costs 2 rift to spawn a hawk


The Launch Pad is a large raised triangular platform where the Hawk sits. Two ladders are available to access the raised platform. A radio tower to the side has a control panel on it to purchase Hawks. There are three sockets on each of the edges of the platform for building Auto Turrets on.

Availability in Multiplayer LoadoutsEdit

The Launch Pad is available in every loadout except for Ground Pounder.


  1. Build Launch Pads as early as possible in a game. Earning superiority in the air can be crucial to winning a multiplayer match.
  2. Don't build Launch Pads when there's already one nearby. Even if it takes a little walk, saving building slots is important so as not to clog the build limit.
  3. Combine the launch pad with outpost nearby in single player mode. This will give you a squadron of hawks.

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