LightBox Interactive, inc. is an independent game studio founded in January 2009 by former team members of Incognito Entertainment. They are currently in a multi-year contract with Sony, making games for the Playstation family platforms. They also have had contributions to games like Twisted Metal: Black, and War of the Monsters.[1] They were formed after the majority of employees from Incognito left after Warhawk was released. The current president is Dylan Jobe. They are known for their support of the Warhawk online community even up to and after Starhawk's announcement, making three expansion packs as well as holding online tournaments with in-game prizes, and adding two new game changing weapons in a free patch.

LightBox plans on supporting Starhawk even more than Warhawk with DLC and tournaments with the new in-game tournament options.

You can visit their main site here.


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