Lost Canyon
Multiplayer Map
Map Information
An overhead view of Lost Canyon using the Uplink.
Environment Echo
Layout Small
Recommended Players 16 - 24
Supported Loadouts
Classic Beta Ground Pounder
Air Superiority Lone Wolf
Heavyweight Dogfight

Capture the Flag on Lost Canyon.

Lost Canyon is a multiplayer map that is located on the moon Echo.


Lost Canyon has a lot of elevation change, with a large land bridge doubling as a tunnel dividing the two bases. The map is scattered with thin trees and shrubbery. With giant curved spires of rock jutting out of the canyon itself.


The large elevation changes make for exciting and hectic battles. There are many chances to flank an enemy, especially when using the underpass or the land bridge. The edges of the canyon itself can be built on, allowing teams to set up sneak attacks and excellent sniping locations.

Weapon LocationsEdit

add some weapon locations!

  • Grinder - On the side of the large land bridge.

Loadout SupportEdit

Lost Canyon supports all six Loadouts.

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