Medals are in-game achievements that are rewarded by doing certain unique tasks in multiplayer matches. All medals award Experience.

List Of MedalsEdit

The following is a (work in progress) list of Medals in Starhawk:

Medals in Starhawk
Anti-Air + ??? XP Took down five Hawks from the ground.
Battler + 75 XP Destroyed five enemy buildings.
Brute Force + 25 XP Killed three or more enemies with one explosive.
Builder + 75 XP Built five buildings.
Deadeye + 75 XP Killed five enemies with headshots.
Dogfighter + 75 XP Destroyed ten enemy Hawks in dogfights.
Double Kill + 25 XP Kill two enemies back-to back.
Fly Swatter + 100 XP Destroy an airborne vehicle with an Ox Heavy Tank.
Game Complete + 500 XP Completed a round on one team.
Guerrilla + 75 XP Kill 5 enemies using the R-Sec Proximity Charge.
Hired Gun + 250 XP Were the highest ranking player on your team.
Incoming + 75 XP Kill an enemy with a Drop Pod.
Infamous + 300 XP Kill 20 enemies without dying.
In Your Face + 25 XP Kill three enemies with a melee attack.
Last Stand + 50 XP Killed an enemy while in a near-death state.
Long Shot + 100 XP Kill an enemy fro half a mile away.
Lucky Shot + 50 XP Snipe the pilot of an enemy vehicle.
Mancake! + 100 XP Call in a structure on top of an enemy soldier.
Massacre + 200 XP Kill 5 enemies back-to-back.
Mechanical Army + 25 XP Kill ten enemies with unmanned turrets you placed.
No-Scope + 50 XP Kill an enemy with the LR-3 Railgun without zooming.
Outlaw + 200 XP Kill 15 enemies without dying.
Mancake + 100 XP Kill an enemy by landing an airborne vehicle on him.
Quad Kill + 100 XP Kill four enemies back-to-back
Renegade + 100 XP Killed five enemies without dying.
Repairman + 100 XP Repair 1,000 points of damage.
Revenge + 75 XP Kill your most recent killer.
Roadkiller + 75 XP Ran over three or more enemy troops.
Shish Kebab + 200 XP Killed two enemies with a single sniper round.
Steady + 100 XP Kill and enemy with a LR-3 Railgun while hovering.
Stunt Man + 200 XP Keep a vehicle airborne for 3 seconds.
Stunt Pilot + 100 XP Scrub a full volley of eight Swarm Lasers without using chaff.
Squadmate + 25 XP Complete a game session with a party.
Steady + ??? XP Kill an enemy with the LR-3 Railgun while hovering in a Jetpack.
Supplier + 75 XP Allies used your vehicle spawners ten times.
Survivor + 75 XP Completed the mission without dying.
Triple Kill + 50 XP Kill three enemies back-to-back.
Victory + 1000 XP Be on the winning team for an entire round.
Wanted Man + 75 XP Kill ten enemies without dying.