The Mini-Map, expanded.


The collapsed Mini-Map, located bottom-left.

The Mini-Map is an tactical radar and terrain map that shows positions of enemy and friendly soldiers, vehicles, and structures. It can be toggled between full-screen and collapsed mode by pressing SELECT.


All friendly units, enemy structures and Hawks, and unmanned vehicles are shown by default. Torpedos and misiles that are locked on to you also show up when they are fired. Enemy soldiers and vehicles only show up if they do an action that gives away their location, such as firing a weapon, in a specific range around the player.

Skill AugmentationEdit

  • With the Combat Intel skill, all enemy players are visible on the map, even if they are not giving away their position.
  • With the Stealthy skill, you will not show up on enemy radar. This trumps Combat intel.


  1. It is important to note that a full map can be seen by pressing the SELECT button to get more information over the entire battlefield.
  2. The Mini-Map is important as it grants a player situational awareness that they couldn't otherwise get with vision or sound. It can prevent enemies from ambushing and sneaking up on an allied base, or give alert to an impending vehicle attack coming from behind a hill.
  3. The Mini-Map is a tool that can help a player read an incoming situation and react accordingly, preventing them from being caught off-guard and un-prepared.