Outcasts in a cutscene


Logan and outcasts


Outcasts are one of the playable factions in Starhawk. They are former humans exposed to Rift Energy where their bodies and minds are mutated. Once mutated, they become fanatical in defending Rift energy from the Rifters. Why this change occurs and why they feel the need to protect the Rift is unknown, though.


Outcasts vary in appearance, from colour (indicating their tribe), to their clothing. Outcasts wear very little, if any, armor and their clothing typically consists of a just a single, ragged loincloth, and sometimes metal boots. Outcasts appear to salvage their clothing from scrap, as shown by the crude way their clothing is strapped on with what appears to be a thick wire similar to the wire used to keep the armor on their salvaged vehicles.

There are 3 tribes of Outcast. The different tribes are indicated by colorations in the skin, as well as on the strange bone-like carapaces that form on their bodies like a natural form of armor. The 3 Outcast Tribes consist of: the Genesis tribe, the Mark of The Source tribe and the Shade tribe.

Mark of the Source Outcasts first appear in the mission, toting Shotguns and M.A.W Rocket Launchers.

Apex Warriors are the pinnacle of Outcast mutations, towering over their brethren and glowing with pure rift energy. It is unknown what cause people to become Apex Warriors, though it is likely a huge amount of rift energy is needed.

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