Multiplayer Map
Map Information
An overhead view of Outlands using the Uplink.
Environment Dust
Layout Small
Recommended Players 16 - 24
Supported Loadouts
Classic Beta Ground Pounder
Air Superiority Lone Wolf
Heavyweight Dogfight

Capture the Flag on Outlands.

Outlands is a multiplayer map in Starhawk. It takes place on the planet of Dust, at sunset.


The sunset setting of Outlands makes for an impressive atmosphere, with clouds and red-tinged skies patched with glowing stars. The ground is desert, with a razed settlement in the center of the map. The environment is scattered with tall rock formations, but the map is still relatively flat.

Weapon LocationsEdit

  • Welding Torch - On the right road heading out from your main base in the first ruins you see.
  • Galloway Revolver - Drive along the road to the right ofyour main base and kepp going straight past when the main road turns so your on a side road their in the second ruins on the left (R-Sec Proximity Charges can also be found here).
  • R-Sec Proximity Charges - Next to the Galloway Revolver.
  • Grinder - In the middle base.


The flatness of Outlands makes for intense Tank skirmishes, and the bare rock formations provide little cover for dogfights. In Zones teams will fight to control the central neutral zone, making for hectic gameplay.

Loadout SupportEdit

Outlands supports all six loadouts.


  1. Tanks can be a nusiance on this map, so build a Shield Generator to protect vital structures.
  2. Set up Outposts on the bare land surrounding the enemy base. Allies can spawn here and have a quicker route to the enemy.

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