Ox Heavy Tank
An Ox Heavy Tank.
Vehicle Information
Health ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Speed Slow
Weapons HE Shell, Artillery
Starhawk Tank

Starhawk Tank


Tank icon on the Starhawk theme.


The tank in a concept art screen.

The Ox Heavy Tank is a vehicle that players can board and control. It is purchased for 4 Cells of Rift at a Depot.

Combat RolesEdit

The Ox Tank specializes in dealing out heavy damage and taking it, too. Although they are the slowest vehicle in the game, they make up for it with their ability to hammer troops, vehicles, and structures up close or from a distance.


Main Articles: HE Shell and Artillery

The Ox Heavy Tank has two firing modes, selected using the D-Pad. The first and default firing mode is a high-energy shell (HE Shell) that function like a standard explosive shell. The second mode is Artillery, which is optimized for taking out structures from a distance. The passenger can pop out of a hatch on the Ox Tank's cannon and use any troop weapon in their possession.



Square - Mount/Dismount Ox Tank X + D-pad - Switch Seats


  • R2 - Accelerate
  • L2 - Brake/Hold to Reverse
  • Left Stick - Rotate Ox Tank
  • Right Stick - Aim Cannon
  • L1 - Enter Precise Aiming Mode (disabled in artillery)
  • R1 - Fire
  • D-pad - Select firing mode (Left- Shell , Right- Artillery)


  • O - Open/Close Hatch
  • D-pad - Select weapon

When hatch is open:

  • Right Stick - Aim reticule
  • L1 - Enter OTS mode
  • R1 - Fire selected weapon

Related TrophiesEdit

EagleEye Eagle Eye Bronze Bronze
Shoot down a flying Hawk with the Ox Heavy Tank.


  1. Don't Run, Shoot! M.A.W. Rocket Launchers and Tetranite Grenades are the best weapons when taking on Ox Heavy Tanks. Kinetic Rifles also do minor damage, so you aren't completely defenseless against tanks. Don't underestimate the power of teamwork!
  2. Surprise! Place 3 R-Sec Proximity Charges on a Sidewinder, Razorback, or even a Hawk and drive by an enemy tank. The mines will jump to the tank and destroy it. Equip the Stealth skill so that ememies won't see you coming!
  3. Lucky Shot: With an LR-3 Railgun and a good amount of skill and luck, you can snipe the driver of an Ox Tank through the front or side windows. If you are the driver and spot the distinctive laser, you can rotate the tank to place th cabin out of view.

Updates and ModificationsEdit

  • In Patch 1.01.001, which was released May 31, 2012, the cost of an Ox rose from 2 to 4.

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