This is the patch history for Starhawk.

Patch History (By Most Recent)Edit

Patch 1.03.001Edit

Released August 10, 2012
  • Push to talk
  • Spawn screen now has a shortcut to make changing skills easier
  • Skill menu can be accessed when not in-game
  • Fixed the laggy pickups
  • New VOIP architecture that will fix drop outs
  • Ability to play custom music via the XMB
  • Prestige ranks
  • Limited host kick
  • Limited team switching
  • Major stability and connectivity fixes
  • Team balance fixes
  • More music variety in multiplayer games (it will also kick in more often)
  • Unlocked Customization parts now sort to the top of the list
  • Rift barrels show up on the Mini-Map
  • Added the option to make clan games ranked or not (clan vs. itself is automatically unranked)
  • Private games are now unranked
  • Hawks can now be dismounted in the air if you have a Vulture Pack equipped
  • Building icons are displayed while dropping in
  • Increased Spawn Pod maneuverability and damage
  • Two new maps on Cypress
  • New multiplayer homeworld, Waypoint
  • Capture the Flag scoring change

Patch 1.02.004Edit

Released June 15, 2012
  • Fixed Starhawk clients to properly restart and process updates

Game Balance Patch 1.02.003Edit

Released June 14, 2012
  • A scrubbing bug encountered in the 1.02.002 Patch has been fixed
  • M.A.W Rocket Launcher for Troops now more difficult to scrub/dodge
  • Swarm Lasers are now more difficult to dodge than in the retail release

Game Balance Patch 1.02.002Edit

Released June 12, 2012
  • Hawk Homing Missile now harder to dodge
  • LR-3 Railgun no-longer damages the OX Tank
  • Bruiser Skill damage to buildings reduced
  • Home base spawn regions have been increase on ALL maps
  • Re-Enabled kick player feature for game hosts
  • Reduced Flak Cannon rate of fire
  • Significantly Reduced Flak Cannon damage vs Hawks
  • Increased Flak Cannon pick-up respawn delay
  • Increased Grenade pick-up respawn delay
  • Reduced Grenade pick-up ammo from 3 grenades to 1 grenade
  • FIXED team roster imbalance for Rifter team in Zones
  • Rift Barrels now only respawn once per round in Co-Op

Stability Patch 1.02.001Edit

Released June 1, 2012
  • Fixed for the prominent Crashes & Locks
  • Added automated network disconnect error-reporting
  • Fixed missing sound FX for when missiles are dodged
  • Fixed XP display for players already at the first-tier level cap of 50
  • Fixed Server-List so it can scroll properly and display the full-set of global games
  • Fixed texture paging bug that sometimes caused a blank Uplink
  • Fixed the Sweet-Tooth's awesome butcher's blade accessory
  • Fixed the bug causing only 4 players to be allowed into your Homeworld
  • Fixed bug that caused the Clan Leader board to scroll incorrectly
  • Fixed Server-List filter on full games to work properly

Game Balance Patch 1.01.001Edit

Main Article: Patch 1.01.001
Released May 31, 2012
  • B&B Outpost cost reduced from 8 to 4 Rift
  • Field Mechanic Skill now auto-repairs Hawks far more slowly
  • Ox Tank HE (High-Energy) Shell direct-hit damage reduced by 33%
  • Ox Tank HE Shell blast damage reduced by 33%
  • Ox Tank HE Shell now has slower rate of fire
  • Ox Tank HE Shell accuracy has been reduced a small amount
  • Ox Tank vehicle construction cost increased from 2 to 4 Rift
  • Hawk Cluster Bomb blast damage reduced 40% per bomb
  • Hawk Cluster Bomb blast damage area reduced from 30' to 20'
  • Hawk Cluster Bomb blast damage fall-off increased
  • Hawk Shield damage absorption-capacity has been reduced by 50%
  • Hawk Cloak time has been reduced by 33%
  • Hawk Homing missile Max speed has been increased by 25%
  • Hawk Homing Missile target acquisition speed has been increased by 70%
  • Hawk Homing Missile thrust-delay reduced by 50%
  • Player Complaint System is enabled
  • SkillScore now factored-in for Matchmaking
  • Updated "Player-Danger" icons & logic for server-list
  • Auto Turret dismantle now twice as fast

Patch 1.01.000Edit

Released May 8, 2012
  • Day one patch, most likely bug and stabilizing fixes

Version 1.00.000Edit

  • Original version

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