Co-op Prospector on Ballard's Crossing.

Prospector is a co-operative game mode in multiplayer where you defend a Rift Extractor against increasingly difficult waves of Outcast enemies. You can invite up to three PlayStation Network friends through the Uplink or bring in a second local player with the split-screen feature.


Players spawn onto the map and are first tasked with building a Rig on the Rift well located on the map. Once the Rig is built, players are tasked with protecting the Rig from six waves of increasingly difficult Outcast.


Prospector has specific maps available for play.

DLC Maps

Related TrophiesEdit

ProspectorStarter Prospector Starter Bronze Bronze
Win your first Prospector game.

PerfectHarvest Perfect Harvest Silver Silver
Win a Prospector game without losing any lives.

ProspectorVeteran Prospector Veteran Silver Silver
Win 50 Prospector games.


  1. Don't build the Rig immediately. Invite some friends to help you out, shoot the Rift Barrels to gain more Rift Energy, or build a garage and collect the weapons scattered across each map.

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