R-Sec Proximity Charge
Troop Weapon
The R-Sec Proximity Charge icon.
Pickup Informaion
Location Found on Map
Color Green
Pickup + 3 Ammo
Ammo Box + 1 Ammo
Weapon Informaion
Rounds Per Clip | (Max Ammo)
3 | (3)
Reload Time N/A
Range Effective at medium distances

An R-Sec that has been set.

R-Sec Proximity Charges are an troop weapon in Starhawk. They are stationary explosive traps that can be placed on the battlefield.


R-Sec Proximity Charges are rather large, with a handle on one end that is used for priming the explosive. Once placed, the charge undergoes a brief idle period, then emits a green pulse (red for enemies) and a distinctive noise to indicate that it is now actively sensing the area around it.


R-Secs have a trigger radius that causes them to explode with a highly damaging AoE effect. The explosion is delayed, which allows troops to possibly escape. However, R-Secs also have a useful magnetic property: They will detach from wherever they are placed and re-attach onto any enemy vehicle in proximity. This ensures damage for the enemy player inside.

Weapon MasteryEdit

Earning kills with the R-Sec Proximity Charge increases your mastery of it.

R-Sec Proximity Charge
Weapon Mastery
Bronze Silver Gold
75 Kills 250 Kills 1000 Kills

Related TrophiesEdit

HatTrick Hat Trick Bronze Bronze
Destroy a fully-loaded Razorback with R-Sec proximity charges.

MinorMiscalculation Minor Miscalculation Bronze Bronze
Kill an enemy with his own R-Sec proximity charge.

A Rifter holding an R-Sec.


  1. R-Secs can be safely taken out by shooting at them from a distance. If an enemy is near their own mine or one of their teammates, detonating it in this way will damage them just as much as if it were one of your own.
  2. Stick R-Secs in strategic locations, such as by the flag, at choke points, or by entrances to structures. This offers extra defense.
  3. Stick R-Secs to a fast moving vehicle (Preferably the Sidewinder Jetbike) and drive by an Ox Heavy Tank or Hawk in Mech Mode. Due to the magnetic property of the mines, they will stick to the enemy vehicle and destroy it. It takes 1 to destroy another Sidewinder, 2 to take out a Hawk or Razorback, and 3 to take out a tank. Be warned: R-Secs won't stick to troops, and running by one can cause them to explode, destroying your vehicle (when the mines turn red in your vehicle, leave it quickly). The mines can also be shot at, killing you in the process.
  4. It's blast radius is larger than it's detection range. If someone is at a high vantage point like a Watchtower or the towers near bases on Relay, you can stick a mine under them. It will not detect them, but shooting the mine will detonate it and surely eliminate the enemy.


  • The R-Sec Proximity Charge "replaces" the Land Mines from Warhawk.

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