Razorback Machine Gun
Razorback Weapon
Weapon Informaion
Fire Limit 7 seconds
Damage High
Pause Before
1.0 seconds
(2.0 if overheat)
Range Effective at medium range
Not to be confused with the Hawk Machine Gun.

The Razorback Machine Gun (shortened to Razorback MG) is a Razorback weapon used to attack both ground and air targets.


The Razorback MG fires a spray of bullets that pierce all Armor. The spray overheats after 7 seconds. After firing is ceased, it takes one second for cooldown to begin (two if the weapon is overheated).

An accurate aiming mode, similar to OTS mode, can be activated by holding L1.

Related TrophiesEdit

RearGunner Rear Gunner Bronze Bronze
Shoot down a Hawk with the Razorback turret.

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