Rift En

Rift Energy inside a Rift Extractor.

Rift Balls

Rift Energy from Rift Barrels.

Rift Energy is a highly lucrative and dangerous source of energy in Starhawk that serves as both a plot device and in-game currency. They usually spew from Rift Wells.

In the StoryEdit

The story thus far shows that Rift energy is a great new energy source and is highly sought after by the Rifters. However, if one is exposed to rift energy they become the Outcast with their mind and body mutated by the power of the Rift. Thus, Rift energy is as dangerous as it is valuable.

As a CurrencyEdit

In the game, Rift energy serves as currency to build structures with the Build & Battle system on the battlefield. Rift is accumulated through killing enemy players, vehicles, destroying enemy structures, and completing objectives. Players can also obtain Rift by destroying Rift Barrels scatted across the map or being within the green radii of an Outpost or Rift Extractor. The team that performs better in a multiplayer match will be rewarded with more rift, giving them an edge on the battlefield.


Rift Energy is measured in Orbs and Cells. Players gather Orbs by doing the aforementioned tasks; ten Orbs grant one Cell of Rift energy, and players can hold up to twelve Cells. Cells of Rift are used to purchase structures through Build & Battle. For example, one Rift Barrel gives three Orbs when destroyed. Therefore, it will take four Rift Barrels to gain one Cell of Rift Energy. Different tasks grant different amounts of Orbs depending on their difficulty and importance.

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