Shield Generator
Build & Battle Structure
A Shield Generator on Orbital.
Structure Information
Rift Cost 10 Cells
Health ♥ ♥ ♥
Function Blocks all incoming fire.
B S whole

The energy bubble.


An enemy base protected by a Shield Generator.

The Shield Generator is a Build & Battle structure found in both multiplayer and the single-player campaign. It is highy expensive but very useful in combat situations due to blocking all incoming fire. This offers both a defensive and offensive advantage, as your fire can exit the shield.


The Generator itself is very weak, but the large spherical energy-bubble it emits blocks all incoming fire. The Shield Generator can only be destroyed by entering the bubble and attacking the Generator itself, or by firing a Torpedo at the bubble.

Availability in Multiplayer LoadoutsEdit

The Shield Generator is available in every loadout except for Lone Wolf.


  1. The shield blocks all incoming fire, even if you and your allies are firing into your shield at an enemy. Enemies can use this to their advantage, so beware this potential risk.
  2. Placing Watchtowers inside the bubble allows you to snipe without fear of countersniping.
  3. Placing Beam Turrets inside the bubble will defend against Hawks.
  4. Placing R-Sec Proximity Charges around the perimeter of the bubble or near the Generator can defend against enemies who try to walk, drive, or land inside the shield.

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