Sidewinder Jetbike
Emmett Graves on a Sidewinder.
Vehicle Information
Speed Fast
Weapons All Troop Weapons
Starhawk Jetbike

Starhawk Jetbike

Sidewinders (also referred to as Jetbikes) are a vehicle in Starhawk that can be entered and operated by the player. They are purchased for one Rift cell from a Corral.

Combat RolesEdit

Sidewinders are very fast, which allows players to cover ground quickly and perform rush attacks on enemy bases and objectives. However, their light armor puts them at a disadvantage against other, more powerful vehicles. Sidewinder can also able to perform a limited jump, coupled with its hover nature makes sidewinder superior in quick traverse in unevent terrain.


  • R2 (hold) - Accelerate
  • L2 - Brake/Hold to Reverse; throw grenade in OTS mode
  • L2+R2(hold) - Powerslide
  • X - Jump
  • D-Pad - Switch Weapon
  • L1 (hold) -Enter OTS mode (overrides R2)
  • R1 - Fire (while in OTS mode)


  1. Stop to Shoot: The Jetbike stops moving when you enter OTS mode. Beware this window of vulnerability.
  2. Look Out for Missiles! As of Patch 1.04, Sidewinders can be locked onto by M.A.W. Rocket Launchers. Use erratic movements to avoid being locked onto, and weave through terrain to stop incoming missiles. If all else fails, dismount!
  3. Due to Sidewinders' agile abilities and small hit box, if you place 3 mines upon the vehicle itself and run by any other vehicle, the mines will attach to the enemy vehicle and explode. This is extremely useful for taking out tanks, but not recommended for Razorbacks due to their inferior manueverability and the fact that they are a much larger target. This strategy also works with grizzlies while a hawk is attempting to Flak them or even as a Hawk, but not a smart idea without Cloak or the turret jammer skill.
  4. Applying to all vehicles, if there are grizzlies or Beam/Flak turrets, mines on your vehicle could be easily detonated, resulting in an unavoidable death.

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