Sidney Cutter
Character in Starhawk
Sidney Cutter.
Character Informaion
Affiliation Rifters (Non-Union)

Sidney Cutter talking to Emmett.

Sidney Cutter is Emmett Graves's "gear-man" and technical specialist, and provides Emmett with various intelligence, such as mission objectives and enemy locations and countdowns. He also provides structures for Emmett through the Build & Battle system he pioneered himself.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Cutter appears to be of Australian decent, evident in his accent and manner of speech. His right arm seems to have been lost, replaced by a robotic prosthetic arm.

Cutter is highly intelligent, having created the Build & Battle system and Emmett's Rift regulator. Despite this, Emmett jokingly sees him as always being late and slow to act. Cutter also has a habit of dropping structures on people who irritate him.

Relationships With OthersEdit

Emmett and Logan GravesEdit

Cutter was the gear-man for both brothers in the past, and together they set up a claim on Sever. When an Outcast warband attacked, Cutter became unresponsive, leaving Logan fully and Emmett partially exposed to Rift Energy. Only then did Cutter act to retrieve Emmett and create a Rift regulator to save his life. Now, Cutter takes care not to mention the event, and he considers Sever to be one of the most dangerous places in the Outer Spur.

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