Hawk Weapon
The Stomp icon.
Weapon Informaion
Magazine Size | (Ammo Capacity)
1 | (Infinite)
Damage High
(Moderate against vehicles)
Reload Time  ??? seconds
Range Effective at point blank

The Stomp is a Hawk weapon used to take out enemies directly underneath or next to one's Hawk. Stomp can only be used in Mech Mode.


The Stomp utilizes one of the Mech's "feet," slamming it down on the ground, creating a small AoE shockwave. During this period, the camera swoops down to ground level, showing the stomp's result in detail.


The Stomp in a one-hit-kill for troops, and it does considerable damage to vehicles as well. The stomp only affects one structure, the Auto Turret.

Stomping can leave the player vulnerable, as the Hawk is unable to move during this attack.

Weapon MasteryEdit

Earning kills with the Stomp increases your mastery of it.

Weapon Mastery
Bronze Silver Gold
50 Kills 250 Kills 1000 Kills


  1. The Stomp is highly effective against groups of infantry or as a finishing blow to a vehicle in flames.

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