Structures are a key gameplay element in Starhawk. Using the Build & Battle system, players can instantly call a variety of structures down from low orbit onto the battlefield. Structures serve different purposes in battle and open many different strategies that teams can execute, depending on which structures and Upgrades they want to invest in.

In the StoryEdit

In Starhawk's Single-player Campaign, Emmett Graves can call down structures with the help of his gear man and eye-in-the-sky, Sidney Cutter. Cutter operates a dropship, The Annabelle, directly above Emmett's location. Using the Anabelle's onboard computer, Cutter can "ready up" buildings and make available for purchase from Emmett on the ground.

In MultiplayerEdit

In Multiplayer, structures can be built by any of the 32 players in a match, adding a layer of strategic RTS-style gameplay to an already hectic shooting game. To prevent structure abuse, each of the structures has a specific health and cost, allowing for balanced gameplay. In addition, a build limit is pressed on each team, forcing them to build strategically.


The ability to purchase buildings adds a deep strategic element to Starhawk. The placing of buildings around the map is completely player-driven, ensuring that no two multiplayer matches will end up the same way. The ability to build also opens up the option of playing different roles in a match. Sometimes, the key to winning a match is a team with good communication and both offensive and defensive players.

Structures ListEdit

The following is a list of all the structures in Starhawk.

Structures Found in Both Multiplayer and Single-playerEdit

Structure UpgradesEdit

Structures Exclusive to Single-player and Co-opEdit

Structures Exclusive to MultiplayerEdit

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