Swarm Laser
Hawk Weapon
The Swarm Lasers icon.
Pickup Informaion
Color Purple
Pickup + 24 Ammo
Pickup Respawn 15 seconds
Weapon Informaion
Magazine Size | (Ammo Capacity)
8 | (64)
Damage 6.25% per missile (?)
Reload Time 1.5 seconds
Range Effective at short range
Special Properties
- Can be locked-on or dumb-fired
- Dumb-fired in volleys of 2
- Locked-on in volleys of up to 8

Swarms seeking their target.

Swarm Lasers are a Hawk weapon used to eliminate airborne enemy Hawks. They are less powerful than the Homing Missile, but they make up for it in sheer number.


Swarm Lasers are small missiles that leave a brilliant purple trail in their wake. They move erratically, making for stellar light shows when there are multiple swarms on-screen.


When dumb-fired, Swarm Lasers come in volleys of two. Swarms can be locked-on to airborne targets in a maximum salvo of eight warheads, either stacked on one target or distributed among multiple assailants.

The Swarm guidance system is not as robust as the Homing Missile, but Swarms make up for this with their ability to be fired in great number.

Weapon MasteryEdit

Earning kills with the Swarm Lasers increases your mastery of it.

Swarm Laser
Weapon Mastery
Bronze Silver Gold
100 Kills 500 Kills 1500 Kills


  1. Enemy pilots can mistake one locked-on Swarm Laser for one locked-on Homing Missile and subsequently deploy Flares, leaving them vulnerable to another, more dangerous attack.
  2. Firing salvos of eight Swarm Lasers also makes for an effective scare tactic.


  • The Swarm Lasers "replace" the AAS-21 Fast-Tracking Active Radar Swarm Missile System from Warhawk.

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