Team Deathmatch (stylized as TDM) is a multiplayer game mode in Starhawk. It involves killing players on the enemy team for points.


In TDM, two teams aim to kill each other with the large arsenal of weapons at their disposal. One point is gained for each kill. Gameplay continues until one team wins.

Victory ConditionsEdit

There are two different ways to win TDM.

  • The team with the most kills when time runs out wins.
  • The team who reaches the score limit first wins.

Next Kill WinsEdit

Next Kill Wins is enacted in case of a tie. The name is self-explanatory: the team that gets the next kill wins the game.

Related TrophiesEdit

TDMStarter TDM Starter Bronze Bronze
Win your first Team Deathmatch game.

TDMVeteran TDM Veteran Silver Silver
Win 100 Team Deathmatch games.

TeamLeader Team Leader Silver Silver
Play a perfect Team Deathmatch game (top player, no deaths).


  • You can play the game either offensively or defensively. If offense, seek out enemies to kill. If defense, wait for the enemies to come to you.
  • When playing offensively, build some structures, but save some for those who want to stay back at the base.
  • When playing defensively, keep your structures spread apart, but not too far. Keep them compact amd they can all be quickly destroyed. Also, keep a balance between anti-air and anti-ground weapons.
  • Try switching roles mid-game. Often times, the team that fails to be aggressive enough in its offense gets cornered into a Base Ravaging!

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