Troop Weapons are a unique class of weapons that can only be used by infantry in Starhawk. Players can carry up to eight weapons in their troop Weapons Crosses and two additional weapons that are assigned to dedicated buttons.

How to ObtainEdit

Player spawn out of Drop Pods with three standard weapons: the Kinetic Rifle, Tetranite Grenades, and a knife. Other weapons spawn from certain special structures(the sniper tower, and the bunker) or from set spawn points in the map or players can choose a skill which will let them spawn with either; A shotgun, Rocket launcher, sniper rifle, or the grinder. It's also good to note that all these weapons come with half ammo if you use the skill except the grinder which comes with full ammo. The Mini-Map has yellow indicators to show where weapons are although in games with high player counts the yellow indicators arn't shown.

Selecting Troop WeaponsEdit

Troop Weapons can only be selected and used if you are currently a troop. Being a passenger in a vehicle (Razorback, Ox Heavy Tank) or wearing a troop attachment (Vulture Pack) also allows you to utilize troop weapons.

Troop Weapons are selected with the D-Pad, which brings up the Weapons Wheel. Each weapon on the wheel is assigned a different direction (e.g. The Kinetic Rifle is selected by pressing "left" on the D-Pad). Some weapons are not assigned to the Weapons Wheel, and they are instead given dedicated buttons for use(The grenades are thrown with L2 and the knife is used with R3).

List of Troop WeaponsEdit

The following is a list of all the Troop Weapons in Starhawk.

Weapons CrossEdit

Dedicated WeaponsEdit

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