Vulture Pack
A Rifter with an equipped Vulture Pack.
Vehicle Information
Health N/A
Speed Fast
Weapons All Troop Weapons

A Rifter hovering mid-air.

Vulture Packs (Jetpacks in early Beta) are Troop Attachments picked up by the player for 2 Rift cells at a Vulture Station, which is similar to the Daedalus dispensers that appeared in Warhawk's Fallen Star DLC expansion. They are attached to the player's back, and they allow the player to "levitate", pass terrain, and get to higher vantage points, overall improving a player's mobility.


The Vulture Pack looks like a black backpack in its contracted form, but it transforms to form two outstreched "wings", giving them the appearance of a vulture. Each "wing" has a compact circular thruster to propel the player into the air.


The Jetpack controls are as follows:

  • X - Jump, Then Hold R2 (While in mid-air) - Thrust
  • Left Stick - Move
  • Release R2 - Glide down slowly (This stops and you free-fall after a few seconds)

While Gliding:

  • Left Stick - Move
  • Right Stick - Aim reticule
  • X - Boost Up
  • O - Boost Down
  • L1 - Enter limited OTS mode (The Vulture will hover while you do this)
  • R1 - Fire current weapon


  1. Missiles can lock on to you while you are using the Vulture in mid-air. Press X or O to shake the locks.
  2. Vulture Pack have a limited burst ability that require a cooling down period to recharge their usage time. They can have a cooling down period mid air.
  3. Vulture Packs are troop attachments, which follow different rules from normal vehicles:
  • They stay with you until you die and redeploy. You cannot remove it.
  • It does not give more health.
  • You can still enter any vehicle or enterable structure.

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