Build & Battle Structure
Walls in action on the map Conduit.
Structure Information
Rift Cost 1 Cell
Health 10 ♥
Function Restrict enemy access

Walls are defensive Build & Battle structures found in both multiplayer and the single-player campaign. They are very cheap and are used to strategically block choke points and restrict enemy access.


A wall upgraded into a gate.

Wall with Turret

A Wall with an Auto Turret on top.

Wall F.

The front face of a Wall.

Wall B.

The rear face of a wall.


The Wall has a ladder in the rear which leads to a defensive platform with cover. The front has a socket to place auto turrets on. Walls can be linked together or to Wall sockets in the environment to effectively block the enemy.


Main Article: Gate

Walls can be upgraded into gates to allow ally access.

Availability in Multiplayer LoadoutsEdit

Walls are available in every loadout except Air Superiority and Lone Wolf.


  1. Walls have 2 different sides. One has a ladder, the other has a flat face which cannot be climbed. The ladder side will always face you when building a wall.
  2. Walls cannot be driven over by a Razorback or Ox Tank. Troops equipped with Vulture Jetpacks and Hawks can fly over walls, and Hawks in mech form can jump over them.
  3. Sidewinder Jetbikes cannot hop over walls themselves, but they can sometimes hop over the small connectors that link them.
  4. Auto turrets can be placed on top of walls.
  5. Walls can be upgraded into gates by standing next to the yellow control pad on the side of the wall, holding down triangle to bring up the interaction menu, then choosing the upper "Upgrade to Gate" option.
  6. Team walls can be reclaimed (sold) by standing next to the yellow control pad on the side of the wall, holding triangle to bring up the interaction menu, and choosing the lower "Reclaim" option.
  7. Enemy walls can be destroyed using the welding torch or any
    Wall add on

    Linking walls together.

    incendiary troop weapon. Hawk weapons, Razorback machine guns, and Ox shells may also be used.
  8. Walls are good for keeping people out or trapping people in.
  9. When in the enemy base and confronted by turrets on top of the wall, it's a useful tactic to run up to the wall and stand near it to avoid the turret. Additionally, the "nose" on the front of a wall makes a great corner to hide in to recover health while in the enemy base.
  10. Walls can be linked to each other and to Beam Turrets. Watch the hologram to see if you are linking them.
  11. For a good defense around the flag build walls fairly close to the flag. Try to keep wall-building to a minimum, ideally a triangle of three. This will allow for more structures to be built elsewhere. Building too many walls will most likely result in clogging the build limit.

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