Build & Battle Structure
A Watchtower on the map Orbital.
Structure Information
Rift Cost 3 Cells
Health ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Function Provides sniping location;
spawns LR-3 Railgun, Ammo Box

The Watchtower (a.k.a. the Sniper Tower) is a Build & Battle structure found in both multiplayer and the single-player campaign. It provides an elevated vantage point at a relatively low cost. Players can place Watchtowers in strategic locations to snipe enemy players from a distance. All Watchtowers spawn an LR-3 Railgun and an ammo box.


The Watchtower is a tall structure with a ladder that leads up to a snipers' perch surrounded by low walls. The LR-3 Railgun and Ammo Box are located lying against the walls. The control panel is located to the left of the ladder.

Availability in Multiplayer LoadoutsEdit

The Watchtower is available on every loadout except for Air Superiority.


  1. The Watchtower can be placed on already elevated terrain (mountains, builidings, etc.) to increase the range at which you can snipe.
  2. The Watchtower is great for sniping, but watch out: enemy players can sneak up the ladder and kill you. Set R-Sec Proximity Charges at the top of the ladder to prevent being jumped.
  3. The Watchtower has a high vantage point, but if enemy players are near your tower, it can be difficult or impossible to target them from the perch. Be on guard against these players and if possible, drop an Auto Turret or two at the base of the Watchtower.
  4. Watchtowers are easy to destroy, so it is often helpful to place them as out-of-sight as possible or in a well-defended portion of the base.
  5. The walls on the Watchtower perch are very low, so crouching can mean the difference between a stellar headshot and being shot off your perch like a duck in hunting season!
  6. The watchtower is tall and has a ladder on the side. On some maps, the only way to reliably reach high cliffs is to build a watchtower next to it and climb up the ladder. Then you can jump from the watchtower platform to the cliff.

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