Welding Torch
Troop Weapon
The Welding Torch icon.
Pickup Informaion
Location Found on Map
Color Light Blue
Pickup + 300 Ammo
Ammo Box + 100 Ammo
Weapon Informaion
Rounds Per Clip | (Max Ammo)
100 | (300)
Reload Time 1.1 seconds
Range Effective at point-blank

The Welding Torch (also called the Repair Tool) is a troop weapon that can repair vehicles and structures. It also can damage enemy vehicles and structures in a similar fashion to the wrench in Warhawk. They can only be picked up in specific spawn locations scattered across the map.


The Welding Torch is a small handheld repair tool. The handle leads to a square handguard that protects the user from the potent healing beam that spews from the head.


The healing beam emitted by the Welding Torch can repair damaged vehicles and structures and destroy enemy vehicles and structures. The beam will change colors from blue to red depending on its purpose.The welding torch can also damage infantry as long as the reticule is on them.

Skill AugmentationEdit

  • With the Weapon Mods skill, the Repair Tool has a clip size of 150.

Weapon MasteryEdit

Earning kills with the Welding Torch increases your mastery of it.

Welding Torch
Weapon Mastery
Bronze Silver Gold
25 Kills 50 Kills 100 Kills

Related TrophiesEdit

Saboteur Saboteur Bronze Bronze
Destroy an enemy vehicle with the Welding Torch.


  1. The Repair Tool is best at repairing vehicles. Repairing structures takes more time and ammo. Try building an A.R.M. or replacing the damaged structure instead.
  2. It does in fact damage infantry, but only at a rate that they would have to have an extremely late reaction time or be idle in order for you to get a kill. At it's effective range, a knife would be a much superior alternative towards infantry.
  3. If you are going for mastery of this, the victim would have to intentionally allow you the kill, so get a buddy to let you.


  • The Welding Torch "replaces" the Wrench from Warhawk.

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