A Rifter attempting to lower an enemy zone's level

Zones is a team based multiplayer game mode in Starhawk where the objective is to capture and keep multiple bases.



An Uplink map of Outlands, showing Zones

In Zones, the map is scattered with capturable Rift Wells. Rifter Rift Extractors or Outcast Shrines can be built on these wells by standing on a capture circle. Captured zones give points every few seconds. The more bases you have, the more points you receive. Zones can also be leveled up and made larger, and they can be linked with other friendly zones to score additional points.

Victory ConditionsEdit

Play continues until a win condition is reached.

  • The time limit is reached (The team with the higher score wins).
  • The score limit is reached (The team that reached the limit wins).
  • All of the Zones belong to one team, and the other team is unable to recapture them (The team with all of the Zones gets a World Victory).

Related TrophiesEdit

ZonesStarter Zones Starter Bronze Bronze
Win your first Zones game.

ZonesVeteran Zones Veteran Silver Silver
Win 100 Zones games.


  1. Try reducing a zone deep in enemy territory. The enemy won't expect this and they will be slow to react, and shrinking it may un-link all of the enemy's zones.

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